Adoption Programs


John and Rey Knudson, adopted from the Philippines in 2009

Since 1976, Crossroads Adoption Services and HOPE Adoption & Family Services, the two agencies that formed EVOLVE, have helped thousands of children unite with loving families through a variety of programs. Here are the expanded programs of the combined agencies:

Domestic Infant Adoption

Individuals and families considering an infant adoption can do so through our Domestic Infant program. Through the years, the two agencies that came together to form EVOLVE have helped hundreds of Minnesota and Wisconsin individuals and families adopt newborns from all over the country. Learn more about Domestic Infant Adoption.

International Adoption

Thousands of children all over the world are growing up without a family of their own. EVOLVE is passionate about international adoption and the long-standing relationships we’ve established with countries all over the world. Learn more about International Adoption.

Child-Focused Recruitment

There are hundreds of youth currently under Minnesota State guardianship in immediate need of an adoptive family. Learn more about Child-Focused Recruitment.