Andy & Steph

Andy & Steph

Andy & Steph

Andy and Steph

State of Residence:

Children Already in Family:

Type of Work:
Steph works as a Registered Nurse in Wound & Ostomy Care and Outpatient Surgery. Andy works for the County as a Staff Scheduler.

Steph has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a Post Graduate Certificate in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing. Andy has an Associate Degree in Business.

Andy is a Sports and Movie Buff. He is also an animal lover, and enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and spending time with Steph and friends and family. Steph enjoys reading (especially fantasy, true crime, fiction, and historical), painting, drawing, writing, being active, learning new things, obsessing over Laura Ingalls Wilder, drinking coffee. She also enjoys spending time with Andy, family, and friends.

Plans for Working and/or Daycare:
Andy will work full time. Steph currently works on-call/part time for two different employers. She has the benefit of flexible scheduling which will allow her to work as needed, and will utilize help from family and drop-in daycare on those days she works.

Generally good.


Ethnicity of Child Open to:
We are open to a child of any race and/or ethnicity.

Steph is 30 and Andy is 26.


Plans for Number of Children:
We would be forever grateful to have one child, and we are open to having more than that.

4 cats

Our Story:
We met each other through a mutual friend (Renee) in May of 2012, unexpectedly, by being in the same place at the same time. Steph jokingly referred to Andy as her “21 year old boyfriend” to her friends after that, feeling that the connection we had was instantaneous but suspecting it wouldn’t really turn into anything. A few weeks later, Renee invited both of us to a movie. Andy definitely tried to hold Steph’s hand that entire night, but, he really won her heart over by buying her mozzarella sticks after the movie.
We were married on our two year anniversary in 2014. We’ve now been together a little over five years and have accumulated 4 cats. We love to cook, travel, watch movies, and have fun together. We definitely justify the theory of “opposites attract.” In all seriousness, our friends and family say we complement each other very well. We can honestly say we enjoy married life and that our love grows stronger every day.

About Andy (By Steph):
“Andy is a very warm and compassionate man. He is very outgoing and will go out of his way to greet anyone. He always puts others before himself. He is excellent with kids and is able to easily connect with them. As a parent he would be most focused on the child’s wellbeing and on what is in his or her best interests. He will bring a unique balance of having fun and creating meaningful learning experiences for our children. It is his ultimate goal to provide a safe, nurturing, and positive home for any child.” — Steph

About Steph (By Andy):
“Steph is a very sweet and caring person. She is thoughtful and tends to be a peacemaker. She is always there for anyone, providing a shoulder for support. Steph values the simple life and hopes she can teach her kids to appreciate the little things. She is very patient and organized and will be highly devoted to our kids. Above all, she hopes to raise a child who is happy, independent, and kind to others.” — Andy

From Both of Us:
Thank you for visiting our online profile! We would like to express both gratitude and empathy for you and the choice you are considering for your baby. We cannot fathom how this must feel, but please know we admire your strength so much. Though we have experienced sorrow in our own path to parenthood, we find comfort in knowing that we have had more time to prepare and fall head over heels for the wonderful child that’s being made for us.
We are ready to be parents and adopting a child would be such a blessing. We feel we can provide a safe, fun, happy, financially stable, structured home for a child. We felt seriously compelled to adopt after we were moved by reading stories online entailing the unique perspectives of birth parents, children who have been adopted, and adoptive parents. We have no agenda other than to be parents to a child in need of a home. We promise to: be there for the child, always; be empathetic; create routines; give them their own space and things that belong to them; give them play time, and have story time every night, among many other things.
Steph & Andy

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