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Jared and Heather Jacobson

State of Residence: 


Children Already in Family: 


Type of Work:

Heather is a kindergarten teacher and Jared is a Product Manager for a software company.


Jared has a degree in English from the University of Minnesota Duluth and Heather has a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth.


We enjoy traveling, cooking and eating new foods, hiking and camping, and watching and playing sports.

Plans for Working and/or Daycare:

Heather will take 12 weeks of adoption leave and Jared will be able to take off four or more weeks. After that, Heather’s teaching schedule will allow continued time at home with a child during the summer and school breaks. While she’s teaching, we will use an excellent daycare.


We are both in good health.



Ethnicity of Child Open to:

We are open to any ethnicity.


Jared is 32 and Heather is 33.



Plans for Number of Children:



Rudy is our 8-year-old chocolate lab. He loves kids!

Our Story:

We met in college at the University of Minnesota Duluth when we joined the same church group. After a year of friendship, we dated for a year and a half, got engaged, and married in 2009. We have been loving the adventures life brings us ever since! We lived in Duluth for a few years, spent three years living in Los Angeles, and now enjoy calling the Twin Cities home!  We love family and are so excited to grow our own little family. We can’t wait to have our own child to take on life’s adventures with us!

About Jared by Heather: 

Jared is the most caring, strong, steadfast, and happy man I know. No matter how hard life gets, he chooses to stay positive and will work through anything life brings. He truly never gives up. He cares deeply for the people in his life and wants only the best for them. I feel that in our marriage every day. And he loves having fun! He can find the joy in life everywhere and can make even a quiet night at home a night of entertainment!

Jared will be an amazing father. He will know how to make every day of childhood so much fun. He will teach our child any sport he or she would ever want to learn. Also, he is going to be there for our child every time something difficult happens. He will be incredible at lovingly coaching him or her through life’s obstacles and sticking with our child through the hard times, and the great!

About Heather by Jared:

Heather is the most incredible person I’ve ever known. She is the constantly thoughtful and endlessly compassionate. Probably about 80% of her time is spent helping others, and everyone who has the privilege of knowing her is better off for it. Because I’m married to her, I’ve learned to feel more deeply, to love others more carelessly, and to enjoy life more frequently.

Ever since we’ve been together, I’ve known that being a mother is in Heather’s DNA. I see it in the way she lights up around the children she’s teaching, and in the way she impulsively takes on the caretaker role for everyone around her. Marrying her was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it’s my greatest desire for her to get to be a mom.

From Both of Us:

Parenting has always been our dream. Our life together has been our greatest adventure, and we deeply desire to bring a child into it. This is why adoption was an easy decision for us upon learning of our infertility. Our family is full of love and joy, and we are ecstatic that your decision has caused our paths to cross. It is our foremost prayer that your child’s future is everything you want it to be, and we hope that you find us to be the best stewards of that future.

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