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Keno Evol

Keno Evol

Speaker: Keno Evol

Keno is the founder and executive director of Black Table Arts, an emerging arts-based organization that seeks to conjure other worlds through black art by connecting creatives and cultivating volume in Black Life. Black Table Arts believes its work is sci-fi social work and that there is a pedagogy in gathering, and if we can gather, study, love and learn then we might discover and unearth a blueprint for another world.

The session: “We Are The Garden, We Need To Grow: Art + Social Justice + Community” by Keno Evol

In this 2 hour session, we will focus on defining through dialogue — race, racism, power, an indigenous community and what role art may play in getting us to the world we might want to be in. Keno will bring in poems and sections of speeches by black writers and activists speaking to the contribution of black art, the black radical tradition, democracy and the intersections between art and activism. We will also spend time on discussing what it means to prepare people, particularly young people, to not assimilate to the status quo but to challenge it with their intellect, courage and unique voice. We will contextualize all art brought in to the current times and speak to its relevance inside a 2018 America. Participants will also spend some time creating and sharing their own poetic work.