Aaron & Stephanie

Aaron & Stephanie

State of Residence:

Children Already in Family:

Type of Work:
Aaron is an Engineering Technician for the City Engineering and Public Works Department
Stephanie is a Registered Nurse. She works at a hospital as a bedside nurse and is also a nursing faculty member at the local technical college.

Aaron – Associates Degree from ITT Technical College in Civil Engineering/ Geology
Stephanie – Stephanie received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2006 and her Master’s in Nursing Education in 2016.

We are very health conscious and enjoy many outdoor activities! We love exploring new bike trails throughout our city/ state. We often find ourselves taking in the beautiful scenery throughout our state as we hike through our state parks. We also love to golf, watch movies, and visit zoos and museums. Our favorite pastime is enjoying a ballpark frank at Miller Park while taking in a Brewers baseball game.

Plans for Working and/or Daycare:
Stephanie will take a 12 week adoption leave and Aaron will take paternity leave. His paternity leave will include -2 weeks off in the beginning with the remainder of time being taken at the end of Stephanie’s maternity leave.

Aaron works day hours Monday-Friday with flexibility on start and stop times. Stephanie works part-time at both jobs which also allows for some flexibility. To allow for less daycare time, Stephanie will work more night or weekend shifts. This will allow for the baby to be at home with at least one parent the majority of the time. When daycare is required, we are planning on finding quality in-home daycare for the baby.

We are in great health. We exercise frequently and eat a clean diet.

Aaron is Irish, Polish. Stephanie is German, Polish.


Race and Ethnicity of Child Open to:
Open to all races and ethnicities

Aaron is 37 and Stephanie is 39.

Plans for Number of Children:
We are very open to the number of children. We are open to sibling groups, multiple births or future adoptions.

We have two: Marley (8) and Uecker (8)

Our Story:
Our first date was in late April 2014 and we have been inseparable since that very night. It quickly became evident how much we had in common from our love of animals to our love of Brewers baseball to our goals in life. There was no hiding the happiness and love we shared together. With the blessings of our friends and family, we were married in April of 2015.

In August 2015, with the goal of career advancement and beginning a family, we bought a house together and moved to Minnesota. We wanted nothing more than to become parents so the day we moved in, we split our time equally between making our house a home and preparing ourselves to adopt a baby. We look forward to the day we can share our home, values, hobbies and mostly our love with a child.

About Aaron by Stephanie:
Aaron is truly the love of my life and I am honored to call him my husband and my best friend. He has an unfaltering passion for life and all that it offers. He is goal orientated with an endless drive to make those around him happy. Since the day we met, he has never left my side, even through some of life’s toughest challenges. I know that he will make a wonderful father. I can see him already playing catch in the backyard with nothing but heartfelt love in his eyes.

About Stephanie by Aaron:
I cannot describe how happy I am that Stephanie came into my life. She is nurturing, hard-working and dedicated to accomplishing her goals in life. We share so many of the same interests. I love having her by my side when we experience new things. Her smile brings out the best in me…she makes me want to be a better person. I look at her and I just know that we, together, will make great parents. Our communication, love and respect for one another will allow us to be the perfect team through life.

From the Both of Us:
We know we haven’t met yet but we just want you to know that you are loved. Your child is so precious. We cannot imagine what you have gone through and would like to walk this journey with you.
Should you choose us to parent your child, know that we will keep your child safe and give them a life that is filled with love, laughter and adventure. They will be hugged each and every day. Family is so very important to us. Because of that, they will be surrounded often by those that love them unconditionally, including you.
Education will be a priority in both the classroom and in the real world. The world is beautiful and we will make certain that he or she sees that world and understands all it has to offer. We promise to be open with them regarding their past and their culture.

Thank you for considering us to be your child’s adoptive parents. We wish you strength in finding the best possible home for your baby and hope these words and photographs help you understand who we are and the kind of parents we will be to your child. If your heart chooses us, we promise to love your child completely. Your child will be the center of our lives. We will love your child with everything we have.

Best Wishes,

Aaron & Stephanie

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