Ben & Kari

Ben & Kari

Ben & Kari

State of residence:

Children already in family:

Ben is an elementary school teacher in a public Montessori school. Kari is a professor of Norwegian at a liberal arts college.

Ben has completed graduate work in elementary education and advanced training in Montessori education. Kari has a Ph.D. in Germanic Studies with an emphasis in Applied Linguistics.

Outdoor activities, hiking and canoeing northern Minnesota, travel in the U.S. and abroad, cooking and grilling, films, being with friends and family.

Plans for working/daycare:
Kari will take 1 semester off. After that time our child will split time between daycare and grandparents during the school year. We will have extra family time in the summer as Ben has summers off and Kari has a very flexible schedule during the summers.



Ethnicity of child open to:

Age: Ben 38, Kari 40

Plans for number of children:

We have one small dog, a cockapoo.

Our Story:
We met for the first time as camp counselors in 1999. However, it would be many years before we reconnected. Our mutual friends brought us together, and we were married in July 2013. We are a family that values love and loyalty; respect for all people; independence and freedom; curiosity and learning; as well as reverence and care for the environment. We love to go on adventures – anything from a weekend snowshoeing on the Gunflint trail to spending a year in Italy – and we look forward to the start of our newest adventure: growing our family.

About Ben (by Kari):
Ben is a lover of life who takes pride in putting a smile on the faces of others. He finds great amusement in sharing a good joke. Ben also has a deep appreciation for learning new things and often seeks out ways in which to expand his knowledge by visiting museums or watching documentary films and how-to videos. With children, Ben is kind-hearted and always has a magic trick or game up his sleeve. He nurtures curiosity and self-esteem by creating a sense of safety and security.

About Kari (by Ben):
Kari is filled with love, tenderness, and compassion. She has an infectious laugh that reflects her joyful personality. She is beautiful, creative and thoughtful. She has a confident strength that camouflages a gentle and caring soul. She is incredibly intelligent and perceptive. She is passionate about education, and dedicated to supporting those around her. With children, Kari can be silly and playful, but also calm and affectionate.

From both of us:
We want to thank you for considering adoption for your child. Whether or not you decide that we are the perfect family for your child, we are so happy and thankful that you are taking the time to consider our family.

We are supportive of open adoption and look forward to working together to create a plan that will honor and respect whatever level of openness you choose for yourself, your family and your child.

You have the opportunity to give us a tremendous gift, and we acknowledge the significance of your decision. In exchange we cannot offer you anything other than the knowledge that your child will live forever surrounded by love. Both of our families are extremely supportive of and excited about our adoption plan. They can’t wait to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to our future child!

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