David and Dennis

David and Dennis

Our names are David Jergenson and Dennis Otremba.
We live in the state of Minnesota.
We do not currently have any children
David is a 5th Grade Art Teacher and Dennis is a Test Operations Engineer – Group Leader. We both have Masters Degrees – David’s is in Education, Dennis’s is in Management.

In our free time we like to do any sort of paddling on the river at our cabin, the St. Croix River, or area lakes. We also enjoy hiking with our dog on wilderness trails. We love to cook, learn about food from all over, make and collect pottery for use in our home or cabin, and spend time outside with our friends and family on or around water. We also love Minnesota sports teams [especially the Vikings] live or at home. The main thing is that we love to be around positive people and laugh!
David has six weeks maternity leave while Dennis has 12. We plan on spending the first few weeks together with the new child then Dennis will go back to work for a few weeks while David stays home. After David’s six weeks are used up, he’ll go back to work while Dennis uses his remaining time off to stay at home. After that we plan on having our child in part-time daycare around our schedules. We both have excellent health, exercise regularly and practice a healthy diet.
My heritage is mostly German where David’s is mostly Scandinavian.

Dennis is 42 years old and David is 41.
We don’t practice any formal religions but are both spiritual.
We would like some day to raise two children of any ethnicity – and if it happens as twins that’s OK too!
Right now we have one dog. We would also like to get back to caring for two dogs total someday.

From both of us:

Thanks for taking time to learn about us! We are a couple of fun-loving, responsible guys who are excited to grow our family. We would love to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to ask away! Communication is important in most instances, but we feel especially committed to this as we are excited for an open adoption. We are honored to have the opportunity to get to know you! It is very important for us to have a strong relationship with expectant parent(s)! We both were born and raised in rural Minnesota and come from families of five. We met online and quickly learned how we have several common friends and interests. We want to let you know that we have very eclectic friend and family crews. Since it seems weird listing different diversities, please reach out if you are inclined! we plan to celebrate our new family Member(s) culture and promise to learn about as much as we can, hopefully with your help!

From David: Dennis is practical, efficient, compassionate, and very responsible. We were having lunch with friends just yesterday and our friend, Tyler asked Dennis if he ever gets annoyed or mad at my joking around. I froze. I love to joke around and wondered what his reaction would be. Dennis replied, “never” and didn’t bat an eye. Dennis would have let me know if I was out of line or I needed to tone it down. I know that he will be the type of dad that will help a child understand why things are the way they are, keep things calm, and make a plan to better things for any family member.

From Dennis: David is a very caring husband. He’s also my best friend who helps me through the difficult times. He prioritizes other’s needs over his own. I’ve seen him be very patient when instructing his students as a middle school art teacher. He has a passion for art that shows in his work and when he’s teaching. David respects others and their opinions. He is very responsible especially with civic duty, environmental impact and family commitments.