Jason & Erin

Jason & Erin

Jason and Erin

State of Residence:

Children already in family:

Jason has worked for the State of Minnesota Department of Corrections as a probation agent since November 2016. Prior to that he spent a decade working as a social worker for various counties.

Erin works at and owns a hair salon in rural Minnesota. She has been a small business owner since 2008 when she and Jason purchased the salon she had been working at since 2002.

Jason graduated from Augsburg college in 2005 with a degree in psychology. He continued on to attain his masters degree from Capella university, and has since received a second masters from Hazelden School of Addiction Studies.

Erin attended Central Beauty School, graduating in 2002.

We love warm weather and enjoy being outside whenever it is nice.; gardening, walking, going to the beach, playing with our dogs, going for rides in the jeep. We enjoy entertaining and throwing cookouts and parties for friends and family to enjoy. Watching movies, and trying new restaurants is also something we enjoy doing together.

Jason is a bee keeper and enjoys spending time tending to the bees and the honey. He also enjoys participating in demolition derbies. He likes to spend time working out at the gym and playing tennis when the weather permits. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and anything social. She likes to cook and bake for her neighbors, friends, family and coworkers to enjoy.

Plans for working/daycare:
Erin as business owner has maximum control over hours and days she works. Her flexible schedule will require very little childcare during the week. Jason has wonderful benefits that contain numerous holidays off, many vacation days and ample sick time to be able to create a flexible schedule for a child. We also have many friends and family that live near creating a great support system for helping with our family.

They are both in good health.

Jason is Caucasian
Erin is Caucasian

Ethnicity of child open to:
We are open to any ethnicity

Erin and Jason are both currently 35 years old

Plans for number of children:

We are open to multiple children

We have two dogs, Cloey and Ophelia. Cloey is 15 and Ophelia is 9 months.

Our Story:
Jason and Erin met as young teenagers. They were brought together through mutual friends from neighboring towns. They immediately became great friends, spending nights talking on the phone and spending weekends adventuring with friends. It was the type of friendship everyone wants; strong, stable, consistent, fun, and accepting. They never ran out of things to talk about and never got sick of spending time together. Years passed and they remained close sending emails to each other from different parts of the state and getting together whenever they were in each other’s neck of the woods. As everyone knows, timing is an essential piece of every love story. At 22, after a few failed relationships, new addresses, and a few years, the timing was right for Jason and Erin. They crossed that line from great friends to amazing partners easily and effortlessly. While everyone has flaws, Erin and Jason complement each other very nicely, making their relationship balanced and complete. After a decade of marriage together, they are now ready to start a family. With Jason being adopted as an infant himself, it has always felt like the right way to start a family.

About Jason:
Jason is such a kind and gentle person. He has a real gift for care taking and I know that quality would only flourish more as a father. His patience is astounding and he has a true selfless heart, always thinking of others. Those qualities alone will make him an excellent father. I fell in love with Jason for hundreds of reasons. His kind heart, his laughter, his brave and courageous personality, his listening ear, just to name a few. He is always willing to walk with me through uncharted territory and never afraid to hold my hand and take a leap. As an adopted child himself, Jason is sensitive to the myriad of emotions and issues that can arise throughout adoption. He loves to spend time with friends and family and enjoys playing frisbee with our dogs.

About Erin:
Erin and I have been there for each other no matter how difficult the task we are facing, and it will be no different when we become parents. I can honestly say Erin is one of the most amazing individuals I have met. She is extremely determined and does not settle for mediocrity when it comes to living her life. Erin is a person who loves to do things for others and would do anything for the people she loves. I don’t know anyone that loves as deep and passionate as Erin does. She loves to have fun with family and friends and can make the most mundane activities into something special. Erin has so much love to give and some lucky child is going to get to be the beneficiary of that someday. What is going to make Erin a wonderful mother, is her kind, compassionate, caring, open-minded, fun, energetic, determined and loving nature.

From us:
We are so excited to start our family! We truly have faith the universe will provide us with the perfect child for our family. We have more love to give and are ready to share it. We are ready to take on the messy, unpredictable, rewarding, and humbling experience of parenthood. We are ready to start the next chapter in our already riveting and compelling story.

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