Matt & Julie

Matt & Julie

Matt and Julie

State of Residence:
Western Wisconsin

Children already in Family:
No Children

Type of Work:
Matt works as a consumer care and technical service representative for the largest fireplace manufacturer in the United States during the week. Matt also works one weekend a month as a massage therapist. Julianne works as a massage therapist full time.

Matt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (2017), as well an associate’s degree in electronics systems from the Community College of the Air Force (2001). Matt also has a completion certificate for massage therapy from the St. Croix Center for the Healing Arts (2011). Julianne has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Dakota in Physical Education (2000). Julianne also has a completion certificate from Hi-Tech Institute for massage therapy (2003).

Matt enjoys music, cooking, hiking, golf and being outdoors. Julianne enjoys music, hiking, reading and gardening.

Plans for Daycare:
We have an enormous support system to help us including nearby family and friends. With Matt graduating in January, we plan on Julianne being a full time stay at home mom if possible.

We are both in excellent health and exercise regularly. In our earlier years Matt was a high-level soccer player and Julie was a volleyball player and coach. We still like to participate in sports and running races as well.

Matt is Czech and Irish. Julianne is German.

Child’s ethnicity:
We are open to any race, religion or ethnicity. We were both raised to believe that all men and women are created equally and we truly believe this.

Matt is 41 years old, Julianne is 45 years old.

We were both born and raised Roman Catholic.

Plans for number of children:
We will be happy with whatever we are given. Without adoption we would not be able to have any children of our own.

We have some cats.

Our Story:
We met in Grand Forks, ND while Julianne was attending college at the University Of North Dakota and Matt was in the United States Air Force stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base. We began dating in November of 1997, and were engaged a year later. We had plans of having a family once Julie graduated from college and Matt separated from the Air Force. In 2000, we were married in Julie’s hometown (Central Wisconsin) where friends and family could celebrate. A few years later Julie survived cancer, however we learned that we would never be able to have children. We have been happily married now for 16 years and have a wonderful support system with our family and friends. Our journey to this point has been filled with love, adventures, some disappointments and all the highs and lows that life has handed us. These experiences have made us the strong people we are today. We have wanted to adopt for some time now and we are ready to be parents and share our love and joy with a child.

Matt by Julie:
Matt is a supportive and loving husband that always puts family first. I love watching his fun-loving interactions with our 11 nieces and nephews. He is my best friend and I am so glad to have him by my side. Honestly, I am truly so excited to see him be a Dad!

Julie by Matt:
My wife is awesome! We have been together for 19 years and the day I met her was an upgrade to my life. She is so centered and loving and supportive. She spoils her nieces and nephews every chance she gets and is known to them as the “cool” aunt. She is going to be the best mom. She is into sports and fitness, fashion and just being a good person all around.

From both of us:
We have great respect for whatever decision you make. Please know that we want you to feel comfortable and choose the best match for you. We appreciate your time and consideration. Please know that if you choose us, we will stop at nothing to make sure we shape the best life for your child with LOVE, nurturing and support. We are open to any race, religion or ethnicity. We were both raised to believe that all men and women are created equally and we truly believe this.

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