Matt & Rob

Matt & Rob

Matt and Rob

State of Residence:

Children Already in Family:

Type of Work:
Matt is a Chief Financial Officer and Rob is a freelance paralegal.

Matt has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Accounting, and Rob has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and French, along with a Paralegal Certificate.

Traveling, cooking, enjoying the lakes around the Twin Cities, and hanging out with family and friends. We also enjoy watching TV and movies at home.

Plans for Working and/or Daycare:
Rob will be a stay-at-home dad, and Matt will work full-time.

We are both in excellent health.

Ethnicity of Child:
We are open to all races/ethnicities

Matt and Rob are currently 35.


Plans for Number of Children:
We would like one to two children.

We have two dogs (shih tzus) who are great with kids.

Our Story:
We were both born and raised in Minnesota. Matt was raised in Southern Minnesota, and Rob was raised in a suburb of the Twin Cities. We both graduated from college in 2004, and we met in 2005 through a mutual friend. We began dating soon after we met and knew early on that we were meant to be together. We married on a snowy day in April 2014 surrounded by our family and close friends. Our relationship is stable and loving, and we still find ways to appreciate each other in daily life. For example, Matt makes Rob coffee every morning, while Rob keeps Matt fed with new recipes most nights. Our family and friends often say that we complement each other in many ways. Rob is an organizer and likes details, while Matt tends to take things as they come. We each offer different talents and skills that will be beneficial in raising your child. We have long considered children and adoption as a way to grow our family. We value family, education, and a strong work ethic. We hope to instill these values in our child, among others. We are very excited to add a child to our unique family.

About Matt by Rob:
Matt is a very caring and selfless individual, and he will always put the happiness of our family above anything else. Family and friends enjoy hanging out with Matt as he is very animated and loves to have fun (plus he builds a great bonfire). He is smart and conscientious, and loves to shop for a good bargain! He enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, but also enjoys quiet nights at home snuggled on the couch watching TV with me and our dogs. Matt is also patient and nurturing, which will be a great asset for our child as he or she grows and learns new skills. Matt will help our child flourish, providing guidance, support and structure, while providing unconditional love. He hopes to pass along his lawn care skills and love of cheese, too!

About Rob by Matt:
Rob is a great teacher and very organized, and will be able to provide routine and structure for our child. He has wanted a baby for as long as I can remember, and he is prepared to offer unconditional love and care for our child. Family and friends are drawn to Rob for his humor and quick wit — he loves to make people laugh. He loves to cook and try new recipes, and hopes to teach our child his or her way around the kitchen! Rob is also very nurturing and is excited to be a stay-at-home dad with our child helping him or her learn about the world around them. Rob was a French major in college, so he hopes to teach our child some French words and phrases along the way, too!

From Both of Us:
We will raise your child with all the love we have, and he or she will be the most important person in our lives. We will try to share our values of family, education, responsibility and understanding with your child. We also look forward to many future travels together as a family.
Our promise to you is that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all of the love, security and happiness that we can offer. We want your child to know where they came from, so we welcome a level of openness with you. You will always be an integral part of his or her life, and we plan on raising them with the knowledge and understanding of the special sacrifice that you made for him or her. This child will be loved beyond measure by us, our families and friends, and they will know of the love you have for him or her as well. Thank you for considering our family. We hope the best for you!

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