Tim & Rachel

Tim and Rachel

State of Residence:

Children Already in Family:
Cora (age 7)

Type of Work:
Tim owns his own remodeling and handyman business. Rachel is a pharmacist at a family-owned community pharmacy.

Tim has his high school diploma and studied theology and business in college. Rachel has her Doctorate of Pharmacy and her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

Tim loves woodworking, reading, drawing, and going to concerts. Rachel enjoys gardening, yoga, dance, and playing the piano. Our favorite things to do are the things we do together. Our family loves sharing the everyday joys of life, whether it’s eating dinner with friends on the patio, visiting the zoo, or having a dance party in the living room. We love celebrating family traditions and holidays. We enjoy exploring, whether it’s around the corner or around the world. We go for walks around the nearby lakes or ride our bikes on the many neighborhood trails. We value the time we spend creating and enjoying good food together. Whatever we are doing, it is usually full of laughter and music.

Plans for Working and/or Daycare:
We are fortunate to both have flexible work schedules and will adjust our schedules to meet the needs of our growing family.

We are both in excellent health.


Ethnicity of Child Open to:
We are open to a child of any race.

We are both 35 years old.


Plans for Number of Children:
We are open to sibling groups or multiples.

We have an extremely cuddly and sweet cat, Charlie.

Our Story:
We have known each other since we were kids, began dating in college, and were married a few years later. This year we celebrated 11 years of a marriage rooted in love and laughter. We knew from the very beginning that we very much wanted to have children, to share this journey with them, to nurture and guide them, and to give them all of our love. We always hoped that adoption would be a part of our family’s story. After struggling with infertility for years, we knew where our path was leading us and we were excited to embark on our journey to adopt. While we awaited the arrival of our first child, we had faith that everything would turn out exactly according to God’s plan. What we didn’t know was how perfect His plan for us really was. We became parents to our beautiful daughter, Cora, in October, 2009. She is a joyful, bright, friendly, courageous, caring little girl and she lights up our life. We are thankful each and every day for the wonderful blessing of adoption. We have so much love to give, and all three of us are excited to see how the next chapter of our family’s story unfolds.

About Tim (by Rachel):
Tim is a fun-loving, devoted, thoughtful husband and father with a warm sense of humor and a big heart. He’s not afraid to dream big, to be a little silly sometimes, and most of all to love fully. He keeps our family laughing and keeps us grounded. There is nobody I would rather be on this journey with and I am blessed to have him by my side.

About Rachel (by Tim):
Rachel is a kind, patient, nurturing and loving wife and mother. She is a passionate woman with an adventurous spirit and an ever-optimistic outlook on life. She has a tremendous sense of humor and finds joy in the everyday moments. I feel that I am home when my heart is near hers, no matter where we are. I can’t wait to share the next part of our journey together.

About Cora:
Her spirited personality and contagious smile bring joy to everyone she meets. She tells everyone just how excited she will be to welcome a baby to the family. Cora knows and loves her own adoption story and is excited to help teach her brother or sister their adoption story. We know she will be such a wonderful, loving big sister.

From Both Of Us:
Family has always been extremely important to us. We both have parents that have been happily married for almost 40 years. Their loving relationships have been an inspiration to many and have helped shaped our own marriage. Our parents and our siblings are a tremendous source of strength and support for us. We feel so blessed to have such loving and positive people in our lives. We have a blast when we are together and everyone is so very excited to welcome a little one to the party. We have an open relationship with Cora’s birth mother, and it has enriched our lives tremendously. We welcome the opportunity to have an open relationship on any level with the birth family of our next child as well.

As we look forward to welcoming a new member into our family, we are filled with hope and wonder. Who will this sweet little person be? We are so excited to share our love and our life with another child!

As Brian Andreas so poignantly put it, “For a long time there were only your footprints & laughter in our dreams & even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever.”

We are so grateful that you are taking a moment to look at our profile and we would love to meet you.

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