Adoptive Parent Requirements

EVOLVE does not have any specific requirements for families in this program but some agencies that we collaborate with have restrictions around age, marital status, income, and criminal background.

Program Requirements

Families in this program are required to be open to semi or full oppennes with birth parents and are required to be open to children of either sex. Families in this program may state their preference for the race of the child, but if they are open to parenting a multiracial child, they must be prepared to parent the child’s full identity. Have a preference may result in a longer wait.

Children Available

  • Newborn female and male children
  • Children of all races/ ethnicities
  • Children exposed to substance use prenatally
  • Children with a family history of mental health diagnoses

Program Fees

Adoption Study (MN Residents/ WI Residents)$3,000 / $3,600
Program $5,000
Birth Parent Agency Services*$30,000 – 51,000
Post Placement$1,500
Total Fees $40,000 – 61,600

*These fees are paid to the other agency and typically cover agency services, birth parent expenses, and legal fees. They vary depending on which agency provides placement and most commonly fall in the $35,000-$40,000 range. Fees are subject to change.

*Fees dependent on state of residence.


  • Approved Adoption Study Report – 3-6 months
  • Profile sent to Placement –  Average 9 months
  • Travel – Around time of birth
  • Stay In State – Average. 6 days

Traveling to State of Child’s Birth

Adoptive parents will travel to the state of the child’s birth. The stay will be 3 – 14 days (average is 6 days). Families usually stay in a hotel until they have received approval from EVOLVE to travel home with their child. Families usually have physical custody of their child during their entire stay.


Families need to finalize within a certain time frame (varies by state). Finalization may occur in the state where the adoptive parents reside, or families may be required to return to the child’s state of birth to finalize.

Progress Reporting

Each agency/state has its own set of required progress reports. Typically 2 to 6 visits and reports are required after returning home with your child.

Dual Infant Program

Families in this program will be entered jointly into the EVOLVE Infant Program and the National Infant Program for a fee of $7,500. Participants already enrolled in one program may later enroll in the second program if space is available. The fee to enter the second program is $3,000.

To Apply for this Program

Fill out an application by clicking the button below. Note: For families located in Minnesota, please review the document, titled “Completing an Adoption in MN” before applying. For all other questions, Contact Us.