Social Medical History Writing

A detailed up-to-date social medical history summary is required for children entering foster care. Oftentimes, counties are unable to keep up with this requirement due to high workloads. EVOLVE is able to assist counties by writing these summaries in compliance with Minnesota state statutes. We understand the importance of providing a child with family medical and genetic history information, as well as providing full disclosure information to families considering adoption of a foster child.


  • Provide a child with a comprehensive written document of his or her life history prior to and while in foster care.
  • Document a child’s physical, mental, social/ emotional, or behavioral disability, or how a child is at-risk of developing one or more disabilities.
  • Involve relatives, foster parents, guardian ad litem (“GAL”), therapist, and teachers in information gathering, as appropriate for each case.
  • Complete the social medical history within 30 days of receiving the referral.

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