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Board Member

Date Elected:

August 2020

External Job:

Sr. IT Manager at Andersen Corp.



Erin Rippentrop has worked at Andersen Corporation for the past 5 years.  She has a versatile background in Information Technology as has also spent time in her career at Target Corporation & United Health Group, as well as at a global consulting company on the east coast.  Erin is an enthusiastic leader motivated by building high-performing teams that strive to deliver results that surprise and delight! Some recent career achievements of Erin’s include:

• Created the Andersen CIO’s “gold standard” for a 5-year IT Long Range Strategic Plan.

• Designed the strategy and led the modern implementation and in-sourcing efforts for all IT Service Management activities for the Enterprise

• Led the formation of an Enterprise PMO by partnering with all C-Suite executives to gather cross-functional data and produce clear priorities for the Enterprise in order to effectively leverage resources on the most value-add work,

• Drove user adoption and application stability to an all-time high for the POS solution, handling $5 Billion in quotes for Renewal by Andersen.

• Negotiated vendor deals at +$250M, managed multi-million dollar budgets, and led teams with direct reports of +50 people.

Erin has strongly demonstrated an ability to cultivate diverse teams by bringing continuous passion and enthusiasm to all layers of work that inspire every person to succeed. Early in Erin’s career, she spent time volunteering on the Adoption Network at Target Corporation and quickly realized how many children were in need of a strong and supportive home.  Erin was deeply moved by this experience and it ignited a desire within her to be part of the solution when the time was right in her life.  She is excited to serve the EVOLVE community in a space she is deeply passionate about—-adoption and family services. 

Erin lives in Woodbury, MN, with her husband, two children, and two dogs.  She enjoys interior decorating and always has a home improvement project in the works with her husband!