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Anne McManus Fund

The Anne McManus Fund was born out
of the needs of a Minnesota Waiting Child and his recruiter.  It seemed
that a 15-year-old badly needed braces and his foster family could not afford
the expense that was not covered under his medical insurance.  Through
outreach, the need was met by a donation covering the cost of the braces. 
Thus began the inception for a fund which would support the supplemental needs
of children in foster care.

The fund was named after long time
social worker and former executive director Anne McManus who retired in
2014.  It seemed very appropriate that the fund be named after Anne who
spent 36 years serving children in adoption services with our parent
organization.  Anne was always a tough advocate for the older child,
understanding as few others could, the issues that children faced.  With
her patience and forbearance, she worked tirelessly to find families and help
their placement to be successful.

The goal of the fund is to bring
positive change for children in care.  The hope is that they will feel
empowered and build their self-esteem through participation in activities or by
learning new skills.  The fund is available to children in foster care
whose foster parents cannot afford desired amenities, or that the county does
not provide. 

the fund’s inception, the Anne McManus Fund has distributed items such as:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Drivers Education
  • Weight training for football and football cleats
  • Gift card for clothes and shoes
  • Hockey equipment
  • Traveling Basketball fees
  • Dance classes
  • Laptop computer
  • Gymnastics lessons
  • State Fair tickets
  • Bike trailer
  • Boundary Waters Canoe Trip with school
  • Gift card to cover items lost in a fire
  • Science Museum membership
  • Groceries and Diapers

Besides direct donations, the Anne McManus fund is funded by our annual Kickball 4 A Cause.

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