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Concurrent Foster Care

In Concurrent Foster Care, the foster parents will be the source for everything under Traditional Care, while simultaneously being prepared to adopt the children in their care if reunification with the birth parents is not possible.  This essential Foster Care program helps decrease the number of transitions a child goes through while increasing their opportunity of having a permanent family.

Concurrent Foster Care Costs

Our concurrent foster care program has no fees. All the training, licensing, and paperwork for the programs are covered. We also provide free assistance with all steps of the process, whether you need help filling out forms or have questions about anything. We’re here to help you out.

Foster Care Provider Requirements

Foster parents may come from many walks of life.  They are compassionate and could be married or single, home owners or renters, employed or retired, parenting or with no children of their own. Foster parents must:

  • Reside in the state of Minnesota
  • Be 21 years or older
  • Complete the full MN DHS Foster Care application
  • Pass a criminal background check for all household members over age 13
  • Complete a full Foster Care Home Study Assessment

To learn more about our Foster Care programs, sign up for a Foster Care Orientation.

To Apply for this Program

Fill out an application by clicking the button below. For questions, please Contact Us.

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