Upcoming Dates and Locations of UMOJA MN

2020 theme is “Voices of Change”

October 16-18, 2020, Virtual Camp. Together we will explore our theme, “Tell me who I am – Unity in our Diversity.” Registration COMING SOON!

UMOJA MN is a culturally enriching camp for individuals and families who are raising African American kinship, adoptive and foster care youth. This three-day camp is designed to give every member of your household an experience to bond with other families, engage in hands-on activities, and develop a cultural competence and awareness of one’s own identity and view about difference.

UMOJA is a Swahili word that means “unity.” UMOJA MN unites families by providing culturally inclusive programming that acknowledges and celebrates African American heritage and identity.

Elements of UMOJA MN Camps:

– Youth conferences that include networking, leadership skills, and mentorship opportunities
– Parent empowerment workshops, seminars, and networking
– African American heritage performances and lessons (i.e. dance, drumming)
– Art and DIY workshops
– Virtual classrooms with fun, hands-on learning activities for kids


Everyone: Parents, Kids, Volunteers, Educators, Vendors and Presenters
– Learn to embrace others racial identities and cultural experiences
– Become inspired, and “fired up” to learn more
– Feel empowered

– Able to respond better to their children’s needs
– Able to advocate for a child’s personal, developmental, and education needs
– Able to resolve cultural conflict
– Find strengths

– Be knowledgeable and proud of their heritage
– Able to use their own voice and become a self-advocate
– Inspired to become change makers
– Find strengths

John and Lisa strongly encourage other transracial adoptive, foster care and relative-kin families to participate in UMOJA MN because it not only gave them resources and knowledge of black history and culture to help empower their son Parker, it also helped them create their own support network and community as they continue their journey.

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