What will we do in the adult breakout sessions?
Through speakers, small and large group discussions, UMOJA MN parents will have the opportunity to get to know other parents raising Black children, learn first-hand from adult adoptees and hear from community leaders who will speak to various aspects of the African American experience. A parent who attended previously said, “Loved the speakers and variety of topics. Loved the intimate setting where questions could be asked freely.”

What will our children do during their breakout sessions?
Through movement, art, and hands-on learning, UMOJA MN campers will explore the beauty of Black culture and discover the resilience of African American’s throughout history. Presenters and community leaders of color will widen UMOJA MN campers’ imagination; expanding their vision of who they can become.

We have a Black child, but also have children of other races. Are our other children welcome?
Yes, definitely. You are part of a mixed-race family and it is important for all members to embrace Black culture.

Our children are young, is it worthwhile to bring them?
Yes! It’s important for children of all ages to be around children and families that look like them. But the most important aspect for families with very young children is for the parents to get the training we provide. You will gain tools to help your children as they develop their identity and make you aware of issues they will encounter.

How much does it cost to attend?
We have received a generous grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services that enables MN foster and foster care adoptive families to receive full scholarships to cover their UMOJA MN costs (including meals & lodging) per camp. You will be contacted after registration for proof of foster or adoptive status and be informed if there is a waiting list for your desired date(s). There is a limited number, so sign up soon.

For other adoptive families from MN and beyond: Pricing will vary based on the number of people in your family and if you decide to stay overnight. The base fee for registration, meals, and programming is $100/parent and $50/camper. Most families can expect to pay between $200-400 in total for their family (plus lodging). You will be contacted after registration with a total registration fee which can be paid via check or credit card.

Are there any Volunteer Opportunities?
UMOJA MN Camp Counselors play an immensely important role! With a unique opportunity to impact children as role models, counselors are empowered to encourage, support, and explore the beauty of Black culture alongside campers of various ages.

Event Volunteers work behind the scenes to co-create an environment conducive for community connection and learning. Volunteers in this role assist in preparing the venue, welcoming and serving UMOJA MN families, and assisting guest speakers and presenters as needed.

Specialty Volunteers are the creative talent that contributes their gifts to make each UMOJA experience unique. The UMOJA MN leadership team loves to include local professionals to build community in the St. Paul and Minneapolis Metro area. This role may include; photographers, videographers, or guest performers looking to build their resume.

When you join UMOJA MN as a volunteer, you become a part of our UMOJA MN community. We empower volunteers to be ambassadors and advocates for our goals of, which is to celebrate Black culture, be a safe place for racial identity work, and equip families with the skills necessary to navigate the social construct of race.

Learn more about how to get involved and sign up to volunteer for UMOJA MN!