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Whether looking to join for hire or as a volunteer, UMOJA MN Educational Team offers the unique opportunity to model, create, implement and deliver high-quality programming and excellent educational experiences based on African American culture and history to transracially adopted and foster youth in the MN community.

The UMOJA MN Educational Team is an intentionally dynamic coalition of passionate youth program service providers. Within UMOJA MN camp “classrooms” we offer our youth participants a representative, equitable, and inclusive community of educators to serve as excellent role models, administrators, counselors, teachers and positive change-makers as valued and integral facets of the UMOJA MN camp experiences. UMOJA MN educational team members are empowered to bring curriculum, activities, and powerful experiences to campers that reinforce positive identity development, cultural awareness, historical consciousness of campers of various ages. UMOJA MN Educational Team members are seasonally contracted on a rolling-basis throughout the year. Team members provide safe spaces for campers to build community with other campers at the UMOJA MN camps which occur 3-4 times throughout the year.

We are currently hiring for our upcoming camp weekend: October 18-20, 2019.

The camp will take place at Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska, MN.Our camp theme will be “Musical Influencers within African American History”. Together we will explore the musicians who sang for causes of uplift and explore various music genres and the artists that help create and influence the African American experience of yesterday and today.

Educational Team Open Positions

  • UMOJA MN Educational Lead: Act as educational administrators before and during UMOJA MN camp programming. Serve on a team of leaders to plan and prepare for youth programming prior to the start of each camp. Work with Associate Program Manager to design, plan, and implement educational curricula in UMOJA MN “schools”, namely LSU, ESU, MSU, and HSU. Will manage “school-based” documents and information. Prepare, distribute, and collect materials from classroom facilitators/ formerly known teachers. Set a positive and enthusiastic example for scholars for the duration of the program. Model appropriate behavior, language, and enthusiasm. 
  • UMOJA MN Educational Team Operations Assistant: Provides operational, logistical, administrative support before and during camp. Support classrooms by providing materials, and managing operations and logistics of programming. 
  • UMOJA MN Youth Counselor: The “counselors” of UMOJA MN. Work with Educational leads to co-create learning opportunities focused on providing social emotional support to campers and  opportunities for building relevant curricula around topics relevant to program population like race, foster care, adoption, identity, navigating transition, trauma, etc. Provide space and support for campers to share their stories in safe space during UMOJA MN camps. Provide social emotional support to UMOJA youth participants. 
  • UMOJA MN Classroom Facilitator: Work with education lead to prepare and learn educational curriculum. Facilitators interact with and supervise scholars and ensure their safety. Advisors and Program Support report to the Education Lead for their UMOJA school. Create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all campers. Effectively deliver 8 – 10 hours of curriculum according to lesson plans provided the day of camp.  

*All volunteers will need a background check with fingerprints prior to volunteering.

For more information, please email the UMOJA MN Team at UMOJAjobs(at)evolveservices.org.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate African American culture and empower adoptive, kinship, and foster families at UMOJA MN.

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