Meet the Education Team


James Johnson is the Education Director at EVOLVE Family Services. He has a wealth of experience including managing Emergency Shelter and Group home programs specifically for African American youth and children who have been abused and abandoned.

James has also planned events including African American Parent Involvement Day, the African American holiday of Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Birthday celebration, and Un-Sung heroes/Black Child Development Week.

James is excited to provide leadership, vision, planning, and support to camps with a focus on history, culture, and identity. He is looking forward to seeing your smiling faces of all our families at all the upcoming camps.

James Johnson
Education Director


Felicia is the Associate Program Manager for UMOJA MN and Family Education. She brings expert knowledge of trauma informed care, curriculum, and program development. A graduate of the Art Institutes International Minnesota with a degree in Advertising, Felicia began her career in Human Services in 2010 when she joined Ndcad as a Reading Comprehension and Literacy Instructor for eight years while pursuing ways in which she could incorporate The Arts, Human Services and Education into her work.

“As the Associate Program Manager, I work with my team to define camp and workshop objectives, marketing plans, and classroom delivery methods that will impact our families as well as the overall goals of EVOLVE Family Services. Joining EVOLVE’s Education Team gives me the opportunity to flex my many creative skills which include marketing, advertising, program coordinating, training, and curriculum development at the highest form. I’m excited to meet our families and share my lived and formally trained expertise on trauma-informed care, foster care, and adoption best practices. I also look forward to building a stronger foundation for UMOJA Minnesota teachers and volunteers so that they have the tools necessary to lead their classes with our children and youth.”

Felicia is also a Visual Artist and owner of an art gallery in Saint Paul. She works throughout the Twin-cities teaching young people how to use their creativity to express themselves and heal.

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Felicia Sherrod
Associate Program Manager


Emily is the Education Specialist for UMOJA MN. As a white person, Emily has a lot to unlearn about race and racism. She is constantly trying to pay more attention to her body and practice new ways of living in the world as a white person that cause less harm to Black, Indigenous and other people of color.

Emily studied Social Work and Sociology and likes to think about how we can change systems in our society, like our education system, in order to achieve greater freedom and liberation for all. When she is not learning about anti-racism, Emily enjoys being outside with her family and friends and making friends with her neighbors’ dogs and children.

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Emily Goodhue

Education Specialist