Our Story

We are a dedicated, nerdy, adventurous couple who have always wanted to be parents. We met in university marching band in 2004 at the tender ages of 18 and 19, and fell in love at first sight. On our first date, Ben was already thinking about how he wanted to propose, and we both knew early on that we wanted a future together.

We love sci-fi, fantasy and all things Harry Potter! We enjoy music and artistry and are avid about travel. We often explore new cultures and communities, and we visit family across the country. We also love spending time with friends at game nights, attending local events, and trying new restaurants. We also balance out our adventurous side with time for just the two of us with a movie and takeout. We each discovered a passion for careers in mental health. Carrie finds such passion in her work with kids and adults. Ben loves to help couples work past their barriers to become a more close and loving team.

One of the ways we have strengthened in our relationship has been through overcoming hardship. When we moved closer to family, we wanted to start our own. After years of hope and disappointment, medical help, injections, and expenses, we came to the painful realization that we do not possess the gift of creating life. With soul searching and deep conversations, we decided that no matter how it happens, we were resolved to become parents. We make these kinds of decisions with great care, and we value making people’s lives better. When we considered how hard we would have to work to create life, we realized we wanted to devote that time, energy, and resources into giving a child a wonderful life.

Background Information

State Of Residence



Ben is 35, Carrie is 34.


Ben is a blend of Dutch, Scottish, and German. Carrie has a Lithuanian Jewish heritage.


We are in good health, we exercise regularly, we don’t smoke, and we take care of our mental health. Ben also loves to cook healthy meals.


Ben has a PhD, Carrie has a Master’s degree.


Ben and Carrie are both mental health professionals. Carrie works with children and families with Adina, their therapy dog. Ben works with adults and couples.


We have an interfaith marriage. Carrie is Jewish, and Ben is Christian. We enjoy celebrating holidays from both traditions and always have fun bringing both our friends and families together.


We have a lovable yellow lab named Adina.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child

We are open to a child of any race.

Plans For Work/Daycare

We have complete control of our work schedules and plan to take leave for the first few months when we welcome a child into our home. We will then transition to full time hours and enroll our child in licensed daycare. Our flexible schedules will allow us to take one full weekday each with the baby.

About Ben and Carrie (Written By Their Partner)

Ben has been my best friend and the love of my life for 15 years. He brings so much fulfillment into my life, and he challenges me while making it fun. He can be described as a blend of quirkiness and intelligence. He is also supportive, responsible, passionate, and loyal. He is the person I want with me when life happens, and he has always been able to make me laugh and feel safe at life's hardest moments. He is emotionally present and makes me feel appreciated, validated, and I know he is always in my corner. Ben is also a dedicated provider and caretaker. He loves to cook and nurture friends and family by feeding them. Although he is not a father yet, he has mastered the art of Dad Jokes! He also loves learning and teaching, and he has a passion for cultivating curiosity in all areas of his life. He always loves any opportunity to explore new places, people, and ideas. Ben will be a wonderful parent, and he loves interacting with kids. Every chance he gets when we're running errands, he is always making babies giggle in the checkout lines. I know he cannot wait to be a father!

Everyone who meets Carrie would describe her as a sweet and thoughtful person. Carrie is instinctively kind and loving, and she is one of the most dedicated and loyal people I’ve ever met. She loves nurturing curiosity and compassion in children, and whenever she talks about her work, she always says, “I just love them!!” Family is everything to Carrie, and she cannot wait for us to have a child. She was always part of a tight knit family and is always thinking about how to bring a new little one into the fold. Carrie is also incredibly resilient. She has shown time and again that she can accomplish hard things despite the challenges, and she never loses sight of her values and ideals. Most people in her life would also describe Carrie as fiercely loyal. She is always thinking about the needs of others and is willing to go many extra miles for people in her life.

A Message From Us Both

We promise to raise a child in a home that is loving, challenging, nurturing, and adventurous. We also want to invite you to have an active role in the child's life. We see an open adoption not only as adopting a child, but an entire family. We also recognize that parenting is a difficult journey full of challenges. We promise that we will learn from our mistakes and strive to be the best parents we can be. Both of us are dedicated to giving a wonderful life to a child. It has been a long and difficult journey to become parents, and we know it will only strengthen our commitment to parenting. It would be a true honor to be chosen to raise a child.