Our Story

We first met on June 4th, 2012 through a mutual friend. You could say our first date was a definite success; after a dinner full of laughs and chuckles, we both knew we would see each other again soon. Not long after, we began making our future plans, always and still talking about having kids, a house with a large backyard and a family dog. After a few years of apartment living, we bought a house near Minneapolis, had our wedding on May 21st, 2016 at a winery in Hutchinson, Minnesota, and rescued our fur baby, Jinx. We recently moved to our current home outside of Minneapolis where we hope to start our family.

Growing up in small towns, we both knew we wanted something bigger.  After Mitch moved from his family home in Southwestern MN, he moved to Minneapolis to get his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Brown College and now works as a Food Service Director for Aramark. Bert, after graduating from North Hennepin Community College with an Associates’ degree in Accounting, recently accepted the role of a Project Accountant Supervisor. Outside of work, we enjoy the outdoors, everything from walking the dog to running, swimming, camping and even campfires in the backyard.

Background Information

State Of Residence



Bert is 35. Mitch is 34.


Bert is German. Mitch is German, Czech, and Australian.


We are both in excellent health and participate in moderate exercise regularly.


We both have our Associates Degrees.




Jinx is our Chocolate lab, Australian Shepard, Blue Heeler 4-year-old mixed puppy. She is sweet, gentle and very lovable, also good with children.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child

Plans For Work/Daycare

We are able to work from home until we feel ready to begin a local in-home daycare.

About Bert and Mitch (Written By Their Partner)

A Message From Us Both

Please know that it is a great honor to be considered in this decision. We have been talking about adopting for the past 8 years and are excited to become parents and cannot wait to experience all the laughs, smiles, tears, and memories of a child. The two of us hope to expose and share all the love that surrounds them through an open adoption. From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank you and look forward to getting to know you more in the future.

It's been 8 years together! Since then, we have learned so much about each other, and it’s been a wild ride that has just started