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Chris and Rachel

Our Story

To learn more about Chris and Rachel, visit their Facebook Page HERE.

Background Information

State Of Residence



Chris is 39 and Rachel is 35.


Rachel is German, Chris is German/Swiss and Irish and Lucas is German and Irish.


Both parents are in great shape as is Lucas.


Rachel has a Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.


Chris and Rachel own a pediatric therapy clinic together where Rachel is a Speech and Language Pathologist while Chris is the Business Manager.




We have 2 Husky/German Shepard mixes. They are super friendly and have taken Lucas into their pack!

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child

We are open to a child of any race.

Plans For Work/Daycare

Owning our own business gives us flexibility to stay home as needed. Our son Lucas is in a day care 3 days a week and stays home with either Rachel or Chris the other 2 days of the week.

About Chris and Rachel (Written By Their Partner)

I knew within a week of meeting Rachel that I was going to marry her. She was beautiful, intelligent and driven, yet she was still goofy in a really endearing way. To meet her family is to meet all of the extensions of her personality. They are proud of their heritage, ultra-competitive and love to joke around. It's a close-knit group, and they really care about each other. The same can be said for Rachel and me. She has pulled me out of my shell and challenged me in so many ways. Because of her, I now have a love of traveling and her passion for meeting people and her compassion for helping others is really remarkable. It's the driving force behind her chosen profession and her daily interactions with children. Rachel is a fantastic wife and an amazing Mom. Her patience with both me and Lucas is legendary already (especially with me), and she is such a good teacher. Lucas loves books, he paints, he goes on adventures and he already knows more Friends trivia than I do!

There are many qualities I love and admire in Chris, but two really stand out. He immediately won me over with his sense of humor (although he'll say it was his charm)! He and Lucas come up with the craziest jokes that have Lucas rolling on the floor right along with us. Besides making me laugh every day, he is an amazing

father. He plays with Lucas, reads with him, has daddy days every Monday, and is patient with his terrible twos. But I can't give him all the credit, he's the man and dad he is today because of his family. They are a very close-knit family that focuses on family values. It's also from his parents that Chris learned how to cook, build, and tell a story. The one talent of Chris' that I question where he got it is his dance skills! The guy loves to dance and somehow pulls off his crazy, eccentric moves! Some of my favorite family times are our dance parties!

A Message From Us Both

Rachel and Chris have always been family focused and truly enjoy each other's families. We are both family-centric people who have envisioned raising children as part of our family. For reasons that we do not fully understand, kids have not come to us naturally, but that has not deterred us from wanting our expanded family. We adopted Lucas in 2017 and can't wait for him to have a brother or sister (or both)! Rachel and I are ready to find out just how busy, challenging, and amazing it is to have a big family. If you are able to view our profile book, you will see pictures of love, friendship and lots of fun. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and as you will see, we have a full village already supporting us. God bless!

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