Our Story

Matthew and Christina met at McDonald’s during work orientation. Matthew noticed Christina right away, but it wasn’t till Matthew held open the door for Christina that she took notice of him. It was the day she saw him help his mom put on her coat while leaving McDonalds that he’d be good to her. Christina asked Matthew out (he was to shy to ask her) and they went on their first date.  Shortly after that Matthew gave Christina his class ring and told her he was going to marry her. Christina just smiled at him and laughed it off because they’d only known each about 2 weeks at that time. Well three proms, lots of dates, time with family, and two graduations later Matthew proposed to Christina.  A year later, 2002, they were married at their church.

Matthew’s favorite part is telling others how he knew he was going to marry her and how he’s known his high school sweetheart more than half his life.  Christina’s favorite part is saying how they met and asked him out, since he was to shy to ask her.

While there is so much more to our story from then to now we wanted to share a bit more about who we are as a couple now. We still act like newlyweds according to most anyone we meet. We value time together as a family, whether we are going on walks with our pups, or playing board games or video games together at home. We truly enjoy the little things in life and remembering to cherish those moments and not just the big ones in life.

We love all kinds of movies and TV shows (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, NCIS, Law and Order SVU, Walking Dead, anything Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Comedy, RomComs… you name it we probably watch it. We love all kinds of movies and shows so much so we often have our own “language” as other call it because we often talk in movie quotes, finish each other’s sentences or at times never even speak a word and know what the other is thinking.

We enjoy a variety of foods we love eating at our favorite local ma and pa joints as well as venturing to MN side to eat at our fav restaurants, but also love cooking as a family and sitting around the table to eat, as we talk about life or our day.

We love thrifting and up-cycling items for our house. If something needs fixing around the house you will find us doing it together. We love doing DIYs. We even enjoy local farmers markets, antique shops and craft shows.

We love carrying on traditions from family, but have made our own as well. Some of these include cutting down our own Christmas tree each year, to driving and viewing Christmas Lights, seeing Santa and his reindeer, hiding Easter baskets and eggs, baking Christmas cookies, going to pumpkin patch and picking our own pumpkins to carve, going to movies in our pajamas for Thanksgiving or Christmas to name a few.

While we enjoy time with us as a family, our extended and immediate family is a vital part of our life. Spending time with family and friends is something we do a lot of. Dinners and game nights at each other houses. To holiday and birthday celebrations we are there for each other. Whether we are going to the movies, trying new restaurants, supporting local business, attending community events (parades, festivals, fairs, tree lighting, feasts etc.), outings with family (to the zoo, farm, orchards etc), walks at the various state parks, playing board/card games, going to bingo or something else we spend a lot of time together making memories big and small.

A core value we hold is giving to and helping others, so we do a lot of volunteer events within the community and surrounding communities. Every year we help organize a community Thanksgiving Dinner where we feed well over 300 people who would otherwise not have a meal as well as shop for over 800 children so they will have a Christmas presents, and provide the families with meals too.

Background Information

State Of Residence




Matthew: English, German, Danish, Scottish, Norwegian, Irish. Christina: Hispanic, Swedish, Danish, German, Irish, Baltic (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian), European, Norwegian, African, Scottish, Spanish, Russian


We are both in good health.


Matthew: Associates in Applied Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Associates in Applied Science in Human Resources, Bachelor in Business Administration with emphasis in IT, and currently working on MBA with emphasis in Human Resources

Christina: Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, and Bachelors in Christian Studies.



Both work in a family owned group home childcare center, which has a family style feel to it.


Christian; we lead with showing & acceptance love to all


We have three adorable pups: Oreo (yorkipoo), Marshmallow (morkie), and Pumpkin (morkie). Oreo “old man buggins” is super sweet and a gentle soul. He loves snuggling the most. Marshmallow loves playing fetch and running. While timid in nature he has become the protector of his family. Pumpkin is spunky and sassy, whom loves razzing her brothers and getting into things she should not. Always has us laughing with her shenanigans. They are just full of love, kisses and snuggles and cannot wait to have a human sibling to give all the kisses, love and snuggles they can.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

We both work at a family owned group home daycare, where we will get to have child be with us or gamma (plus surrounded by other kids who are like family). We plan to take time off first when child is placed with us.

About Christina & Matthew (Written By Their Partner)

Where do I start when I talk about Christina. She is one of the most kind hearted, selfless, and compassionate people I have ever met. She would literally give someone the shirt off her back if it would help them.

She has always loved children and dreamed of being a mother. I have seen her interact with children for years whether it was while she worked at her mother’s daycare, her own daycare, the years she was a nanny, or any child for that matter. I can honestly say she has left all those children with a positive and loving example and helped many become exceptional people.

The first time I saw her dancing a traditional Mexican dance for an international fair I knew she was someone I would love to meet, and when we finally did met at job orientation for McDonalds I knew it was meant to be. Now here we are 21+ years later hoping to share this love with a child through adoption.

I remember the first time I met Matthew, we were at work orientation, he held the door open for me. This caught my attention because no one our age did that. The next time I saw him he brought his mom into our place of work and I noticed him helping his mom take off and put on her coat. It was then that I knew if he was good to his mother he would treat me the same. This was the start in knowing the type of person he was and is. Matthew is one of the most patient, helpful and loyal people I know. He goes out of is way to help others when he notices they need it, and always willing to volunteer at events that serve the community. Furthermore, he unconditionally loves those most important in his life and would do anything for family. While he is introverted once he gets to know you then that is when he truly shines. He is sarcastically goofy and one of his favorite things to do is tell dad jokes (he always says he’s practicing for the day he can truly be that dad). My favorite is how he will always have our family laughing, and knows just how to cheer someone up when they need it as well. He lives in the current, not stressing over the future nor dwelling on the past. Showing others to appreciate the here and now.

Watching him be a god daddy and uncle has been wonderful because it is in those moments I know he will be an amazing papa. Seeing how he treats and is with others in our life shows me this too. He is gentle natured and has a way with children. He is always on their level and joins them in their world. I’m sure the fact that he is a big kid at heart helps with this. He never passes up a chance to see a Disney movie or to look at the toys in the toy aisle at the store.

A Message From Us Both

Our commitment to you and the child is that we will strive to always be the best version of ourselves: loving unconditionally, leading by example, be compassionate & kindhearted, never expect perfection, speak words of affirmation, celebrate each milestone, provide comfort through hardships, help them fulfill their dreams, watch them get back up when they are down, be proud of their accomplishments (even the small ones), cheer for them, and most of all show patience.

Most importantly they will be able to thrive and grow into their authentic self, knowing without a doubt they are loved, accepted, cherished and have an unwavering support system through life’s journey. They will make memories to last a lifetime, appreciate the small things in life, develop passions, grow their talents, explore the world around them, be surrounded by family and friends, loved by many, offer a helping hand when needed and more.

Know if you choose us: you will always be apart of their adoption story and forever hold a special place in our hearts. Your choice for open or or closed will be respected. Just know if desire closed for now we will always be open for this to change.

We are thankful you have taken the time to get to know us, while condensed, we hope we provided you with a glimpse into what our life & family is like. If you can envision your child fitting in with our family we would love to get to know you in which ever way you see fit, whether through face to face or via letter etc. We hope you will feel supported and respected through the process.

Knowing your choice is personal and complex we hold an immense amount of compassion for you. We hope for you peace, comfort and reassurance in who you choose.