Our Story

Family is very important to us and we are excited to grow our own family through adoption! We hope to raise a child who is strong in faith, who loves openly, and who has had the opportunity to experience many things both educational and fun.

We met online and it didn’t take long after our first date to realize we were meant for each other. We dated six months before becoming engaged. Dan proposed in Sally’s favorite location, the beautiful Northwoods. We married in the summer of 2014 surrounded by family and friends who support us in this journey. Our home is in Wisconsin, where Sally grew up. We are blessed to have family close by.

Our relationship is full of time spent with family and close friends, relaxing evenings reading or playing a game, summers spent grilling, and venturing out and about to enjoy our time together.

We are grateful for you considering us as parents. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we look forward to getting to know you.

Background Information

State Of Residence




Dan: German, French, and Swedish Sally: Polish, German, and Lithuanian


We are both in great health.


Dan has a bachelor’s of science in Print Journalism. Sally has a master’s of science in Training and Development.






Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

1 to 2.

Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

Upon placement, Dan and Sally will take time off work. Upon returning to work, Sally’s mom will be the caretaker.

About Dan and Sally (Written By Their Partner)

About Sally by Dan:

It was easy to fall in love with Sally. She is caring, fun, loving, supportive, and so much more. Her love for God and family are at the very center of who she is. She is active in our Church and constantly stays in touch with her mom, sister, nephew, and niece. Not surprisingly, her favorite holiday is Easter. She looks forward to Christmas every year not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also to be able to spend time with family.

I've always known that Sally would be a great mother. Seeing her light up when she has a baby in her arms is forever memorable. Its continually amazing to see how strong her bond with her nephew (now in college) and niece (now in high school) is. She lovingly calls her nephew her mini-me and always verbally encourages her niece in her walk with God.

Marrying Sally has been the best decision of my life. I pray that she has the opportunity to be the amazing mother that I know she will be.

About Dan by Sally:

When I first met Dan, I was struck by his love for family and friends, and his amazing work ethic. It wasn't too far along in our relationship when I knew that he would be an amazing provider, partner, and friend. It's because of these qualities and his character that I know Dan will be a fantastic dad!

When I think of Dan the first word that comes to mind is: patient. He takes things one day at a time and finds joy and contentment in the present. Those are important life lessons that I continuously learn from him. He loves so unconditionally, makes me laugh on a daily basis, and is a partner in the truest sense of the word. Many family members rely on him for his listening ear and wise counsel. Dan is always up for fun and adventure and never turns down an opportunity to play a game!

A Message From Us Both

Thank you for considering us. In our family the child will be surrounded by loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all the other wonderful family and friends that we hold dear to our hearts. We will provide a loving and supportive home and will feel blessed every day to be parents.