Our Story

We are Jaclyn, Steve, and Alex. We live in Minnesota in a suburb outside of Minneapolis. Our story began in Spring 2006 after meeting through mutual friends. Our first date lasted 12 hours and included lunch, two different trail walks, mini golf, dinner, and a movie. We’ve been together ever since, officially getting married in July 2010. We aren’t perfect. We never will be and we don’t claim to be. But, we are determined, hard workers who love each other, openly communicate, and will fight for one another & us as a couple. Openness, honesty, and facing challenges head on make us stronger together.

For several years we had been trying to conceive, including fertility treatments, but were unsuccessful achieving pregnancy. Both of us wanted to be parents & expand our family which led us to adopting Alex. Alex joined our family through adoption in September 2019. We love him with all our hearts and are so blessed to be his parents. We want to continue to grow our family through adoption by welcoming another beautiful child into our hearts and home, plus, we know Alex would love to be a big brother!

As a family we love to explore and try new things, while also maintaining several “must-do’s” and traditions. Exploring and trying new things usually involves traveling, art exhibits, unique playgrounds, trail walks, and/or fun community events. Our “must-do’s” and traditions are going to MN Twins games, the MN State Fair, carving pumpkins, going on holiday light tours, and baking Christmas cookies.

To learn more about us, please visit our website at https://jaclynandsteveadopt.shutterfly.com/

Background Information

State Of Residence




Jaclyn is German, Czech, and Scandinavian. Steve is German, Irish, and Scandinavian.


We are both in great health and non-smokers.


Jaclyn has a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Counseling Psychology, and Doctorate in Industrial Organization Psychology. Steve has a Bachelors in Education.


Jaclyn works for a university as an Assessment Specialist. Steve works for a financial institution as a manager.




2 Cats. Sophie is a calico and Scooter is a grey & white tabby.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

We both work full-time. Jaclyn will take 3 months off of work and Steve will take 3-4 weeks off of work. After this, our child will attend daycare 5 days a week at the same center our son, Alex, attends.

About Jaclyn & Steve (Written By Their Partner)

I fell in love with Jaclyn's smile & laughter, sense of adventure, desire to travel, & our similar interests. Her smile was infectious. All I want to do is make her happy so I can see her smile again & again. She is a strong woman who has faced tremendous adversity throughout her life. Each day she inspires me with her positive attitude & spirit. Jaclyn is thoughtful, caring, loving, and puts our son's needs before hers. Jaclyn is always providing Alex the opportunity to explore while ensuring a safe space to learn and develop with age-appropriate toys and activities. She provides for our child's every need and works every day to make sure that he is safe, happy, and developing. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to help raise our child or potential children.

Steve is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and sensitive souls I have ever met. He's always ready and willing for the next new adventure. His smile and laugh are contagious. I dare anyone to see it and not reciprocate in kind. He is my constant and I love him. I knew Steve would be an amazing father and he certainly is that and beyond. Steve and Alex adore each other. Steve is the perfect mix of silly, fun, snuggly, and loving. I love watching them interact together and I couldn't ask for a better partner to create a family with.

A Message From Us Both

We can't begin to imagine the challenges you are facing and the difficult decisions you are making. Our hope is to provide you with a genuine glimpse of who we are by incorporating aspects of our daily lives, relationships, beliefs & values, personalities, and hobbies/activities via this online profile and our personal website.

Our promise to you is to honor, respect, and appreciate you in our home & part of our lives. We are committed to working with you to create a plan for openness throughout the future based on your desire. This could be pictures, letters, phone conversations, visits, etc., we are open to discussing all options.

Our promise to another child is to provide unconditional love, guidance, safety, fun, laughter, education, and the opportunity to pursue & grow their passions. We are also fully committed to raise a child who knows where they came from and as much of their personal story as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope it helps you get to know us better and we'd welcome the opportunity to get to know you further.

To learn more about Jaclyn and Steve please visit their website at https://jaclynandsteveadopt.shutterfly.com/