Our Story

We met on our first day of college (in Michigan). When we were teamed up during our freshmen orientation, we became instant friends! We were married in Montego Bay, Jamaica with our closest friends and family. Our lives have been an adventure since then! We moved to New York City in 2011 so Krisi could pursue her PhD. While enjoying the cultures and cuisines of the city, we had Ava. Although we both loved the city, we also felt it was time to move back to the family-friendly midwest (Wisconsin).

We are excited about building our family through adoption. We hope you enjoy our family page!

Background Information

State Of Residence




Krisi is Dutch, Irish, Polish, and German. Jay is Irish, German, British, and French.


Both Krisi and Jay are in great shape, as is their daughter, Ava.


Jay holds a BS in Molecular Biology and an MBA for Business. Krisi holds a BS in Psychology, an MSW for social work, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology.


Jay is a Marketing Manager and works remotely (from home). Krisi is a Psychology Professor at a state university.




We have two friendly dogs, Jake (golden retriever/lab mix) and Jolene (lab mix).

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child

We are open to a child of any race.

Plans For Work/Daycare

Jay will take 6 months of paternity leave, while Krisi will take a half-time (reduced work schedule) leave for 6 months. If a placement occurs in the summer, Krisi would be home full-time with Jay.

About Krisi and Jay (Written By Their Partner)

Jay is kind, loving, open to new experiences, and comfortable in his own skin. He is a fantastic dad who is willing to show his silly side without feeling uncomfortable. One of my favorite traits about Jay is his ability to make instant friends out of strangers. When we go to a party, I'm never worried that Jay will feel out of place. Before the end of the evening, he's often sharing inside jokes and exchanging contact information with his newly acquired friends.

Krisi’s confidence, strength, and sense of adventure shape who she is today. Krisi is a true inspiration in her work as a teacher, in addition to the research she presents around the country. She always has an air of calm about her and maintains her cool in difficult situations. Her consistent love and sense of security also make her a fabulous mother for our daughter, Ava. I feel thankful every day that I get to hang out with my best friend and that our daughter has such a tremendous role model.

A Message From Us Both

After post-birth complications from our daughter, Ava, we’ve been unable to have more biological children. Since we've always discussed adoption as an option, it was a natural and easy choice for us. We are creating a home that values open communication, open-mindedness, and unconditional love. Our daily lives often include elements of music and the arts. For instance, Krisi loves to cook dinner listening to 80s music and Jay likes to listen to Blues music while we eat dinner.
For an adopted child, we'd like them to know that their adoption plan was created out of love and strength. We’ve created a family profile book that includes pictures and stories about our family life. We’d be happy to chat more about our family or provide additional information. Thank you for exploring our page and getting to know us!

Sending our love,
Krisi, Jay, and Ava