Our Story

We met in 2007 through a mutual friend, and about a year later bought our first home and welcomed Chopper (dog) to the family. Since the beginning we have valued making time for one another, supporting each other through the ups and downs, and making memories and traditions to carry with us for a lifetime.

We both enjoy traveling, spending time at the cabin and lake in the summer, and making time for family and friends. While we enjoy getting away and exploring, we also value our time at home and making memories there as well.

Cory is the creative brains and handyman to the relationship. He can fix, build, and design just about anything, and our home and the things in it are a perfect representation of that. He is quick-witted, enjoys spending time outdoors, and finds enjoyment in putting his personal touch on anything he builds. He is always dependable, supportive, and a true care giver.

Tina is the organizer and pillar of the family. She ensures that our family is always taken care of, and ensures we make time in our lives to visit family and friends. She is kind hearted, caring, and never takes herself too seriously. She has the ability to see the good in people and situations, and does her best to encourage those around her. She has a passion for learning, fitness, baking and is obsessed with Christmas and traditions!

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Background Information

State Of Residence



Kristina is 34 and Cory is 36.


We both are a mix. Tina is German, Norwegian, Irish, and French. Cory is German, French and Polish.


We both are in excellent health.


Cory has an Associate Degree in Architecture. Kristina has an MBA in Finance.


Kristina works in Finance as a Senior Commercial Loan Underwriter, and Cory is a Project Manager for a local architecture firm.




We have a miniature Australian shepherd named Chopper.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

Tina will take 4 months once the baby is born and Cory will take a month or two off. Once those 4 months are up, Tina will continue to work remotely most of the time and Cory will be home every Friday to care for the baby. Tina’s mom has also offered to do daycare a couple days a week, so it will be a mix of Cory, Tina and Tina’s mom caring for the child.

About Kristina and Cory (Written By Their Partner)

A Message From Us Both

We are both ready to love a child unconditionally, nurture and care for them at all times, and support and encourage whoever it is they want to become in this world. We are committed to raising them surrounded by kindness, respect, and generosity, while also encouraging them to reach for their dreams and stand behind them rooting them on. We promise above all else, that we are ready to put a child’s needs first and maintain whatever relationships are necessary to ensure they know their story.
We see the courage, strength, and love you have for this child, and want you to know it does not go unrecognized!

To learn more about Kristina and Cory, visit their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/AdoptionJourneyofTinaandCory/