Our Story

We met in 2007 through a mutual friend, and little did we know that our first date would lead to a future of adventures. Our love for travel, family, and dogs bonded us from the start. We became the best of friends, each other’s support, and the one we each turned to in the best of times and worst. After about a year together we went on our first adventure to expand our family and welcomed Chopper, our 11-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd.

We waited a while to get married, as Tina was finishing up her graduate degree and Cory was getting well established in his career. After Cory proposed during a trip to Mexico, we later said “I do” during a ceremony up North, and committed to each other we would face the world together no matter what it threw at us.

Little did we know that a year later we would be facing the first and biggest challenge of our lives of having our first child.

The last six years have been challenging, eye-opening, and in the end a blessing. We have conquered grief of the loss of 9 pregnancies, overcome obstacles that have been difficult to face, and most importantly grown stronger in our relationship and faith in one another.

We have always been believers that things happen for a reason even if it is hard to see at that exact moment. We believe that we have been brought here today, to you, and to this moment for a reason, and for that we feel blessed!

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Background Information

State Of Residence




Tina is German, Norwegian, Irish, and French. Cory is German, French and Polish.


We both are in excellent health!


Cory has an AS in Architecture. Tina has an MBA in Finance.


Cory is in the architectural field. Tina is in the finance field.




We have an 11 year old, very sweet, miniature Australian Shepherd named Chopper.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

We both work from home completely, so there are no plans for daycare. Tina will be taking 4 months off and Cory will be taking 1-2 months off right away, so this little one will have both of us there right from the start ready to care for their needs.

About Kristina and Cory (Written By Their Partner)

Cory is my best friend and partner in life! His sense of humor and quick wit make our life anything but boring, and our relationship together very playful! I like to tease him that my jokes are better than his, but he would beg to differ!

Cory is compassionate yet strong, and a person I can depend on in life no matter what. He gives 110% to everything he does, but puts his focus into things that matter. I know Cory will make the most amazing dad, as he is supportive, attentive, and always puts his family above all else! I can’t imagine anyone more suited to be a father in life than this man, and I know he would give his all to that role in a child’s life!

Tina is the most kind and loving person I know. She has strong values and always puts family and friends above all else. She is the first to offer a helping hand if someone is in need. She has a strong work ethic, but also a silly side. Together we don’t take life too seriously, and like to keep one another laughing!

Tina also has an adventurous side, and loves to travel and see new places. In college she studied abroad in Australia. I know her values and nurturing ability will make her the best mother and role model for a child, and I couldn’t imagine raising a family with anyone else!

A Message From Us Both

We recognize the courage, strength and love you have for this child to make an adoption plan, and we would feel blessed and honored if you considered us to be a part of this child’s life and give us the gift of becoming parents.

We can’t imagine the feelings you are having as you walk through this process, and we hope that you have the love and support surrounding you that you deserve.

If chosen, we would vow to love this child unconditionally, nurture and care for them at all times, and support and encourage whoever it is they want to become in this world!

We promise to raise them surrounded by faith, encouragement and kindness, while also providing them with opportunities to reach their dreams and know that we will always stand behind them no matter what life brings.

We also promise to put this child’s needs ahead of all else and value maintaining whatever relationships are necessary to ensure they know their story!