Our Story

We are currently a family of four, hoping to be a family of five someday soon. We have two daughters, Alexandra (age 13) and Julia (age 11). We believe that we have a happy, loving family, and it would only be made more wonderful through adopting a baby. We are committed to making baby part of our family, respecting the baby’s birth parents, and doing what we can to learn, understand and teach baby about his or her background to help the baby grow into a self-assured and confident individual.

We understand that you may want to continue to be involved in the baby’s life as the baby grows up. We want you to know that we are very willing to work out an open adoption with you, which, if you would like, could involve in-person visits. We think that you are being brave in considering adoption. We want to assure you that we will work with you to make adoption work in the best possible way for baby and for you.

Our girls are looking forward to adding a new baby to our family. They were all smiles when we told them that we were hoping to adopt. Being a bit older, Alexandra definitely gets it. She keeps asking “when” it will happen. When we were at Target today, she wanted to buy a folder to put pictures of the baby in someday. Julia is a little young to appreciate everything that is happening, but she loves babies. We do not know another child who enjoys playing dolls as much as she does, and a baby is even better than a doll. If anything, it will be hard to keep Julia from playing with all the baby toys!

Our family, friends, and our church community are also excited for us to adopt. Elizabeth is an only child. Her parents love being grandparents and would like to do it again. Martin is one of nine children. You can be assured that there are plenty of aunts, uncles, and cousins waiting to give some baby love. We all have lots of friends, and we are part of a strong community at our Catholic church. Everyone in our lives has been incredibly supportive of us adopting. The baby we adopt will be welcomed into our family, friends, and community without hesitation.

Family is the primary focus of our lives and baby will be at the heart of the family just as are our two girls are now. We believe strongly in the importance of education and would read to the baby every day and start baby’s college fund right away. We think it is important to be healthy, inside and out. We would make sure that the baby got good food to eat, plenty of trips to the park, and all the emotional support baby needs. Elizabeth works four days a week. She’ll take a three-month adoption leave from work when the baby arrives, then will return to her part-time schedule after that. When we are away at work we will make sure that baby has wonderful care, in the form of a great nanny or excellent daycare.

Once again, thank you for considering our family.

Background Information

State Of Residence



Elizabeth is 44 and Martin is 43.


Elizabeth is Irish and Norwegian. Martin is German.


Excellent. Non-smokers.




Elizabeth – Attorney; Martin – Attorney




A golden retriever named Prancy

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

One additional child

Race Of Child


Plans For Work/Daycare

Both Elizabeth and Martin work. Elizabeth works four days a week. She’ll take a three-month adoption leave from work when the baby arrives, then will return to her part-time schedule after that.

About Martin & Elizabeth (Written By Their Partner)

A Message From Us Both