Our Story

We grew up within just a few miles of each other, but didn’t meet until our freshman year of college in 2007. We met through mutual friends and bonded over our shared faith and love of baseball. We dated throughout college with Riley living in Michigan and Julie in Minnesota. We were married in 2011 and have been laughing and having fun ever since!

Some of our favorite things include: spending time at the cabin, sports (we curl and play volleyball and softball, and like to watch them all!), board games, being outside, spending time with family and friends, and our nephews!

We have always talked about adoption, as it exists in many areas of our lives. We are excited to add to our family and can’t wait to share our hearts and lives with children.

Background Information

State Of Residence



Riley is 32. Julie is 34.


Riley is a mix of French, German, Swedish, and Danish. Julie is Native American, Swedish, French, German, Irish, Polish and Norwegian.


We are both in excellent health, active, and non-smokers.


Riley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Julie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.


Riley is a structural engineer. Julie is a technology trainer.


Christian; we attend Lutheran church.


We have two sweet, fluffy cats named Wrigley and Surly.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

We hope to add 1-3 children to our family.

Race Of Child

We would love to adopt children of any race or ethnicity.

Plans For Work/Daycare

Initially, Riley will take a few weeks off of work and Julie will take 12. Following that, we will use a combination of a trusted and licensed daycare provider and both of our moms for childcare.

About Riley & Julie (Written By Their Partner)

Riley has a reputation for being a steady, dependable, all-around good guy. He was voted as “best personality” in his high school yearbook and they must have been correct, because I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like him! He is patient and gentle with our friends’ kids and I know he will be the most patient, fun, loving, and present dad. He will be the guy coaching every team and volunteering for every opportunity.

Riley is smart, funny, and he is dedicated to his work, his family, and everything else he commits to. Last year, he decided he was going to train for a 50K (31 mile) trail race. Not only did he finish the race but he beat his time goal by over an hour, and smiling the entire time! He is also the go-to math helper for all of our little cousins. He gets texts and phone calls all the time for tutoring help, or just help with a question they are stuck on.

One of the best things about Riley is that we can be at a Twins game, a theater production, out snowshoeing, or on the couch with a movie and he’s equally happy to be doing any one. People are drawn to his enthusiasm for life.

Julie is kind, smart, dependable, funny, and caring. She loves her family and friends and always puts them first. She is always the first in line when someone needs help. Recently she installed flooring for friends who purchased a house, and also coordinated a kitchen renovation for one aunt and uncle, and a bathroom renovation for another (she does most of the work too!)

Julie is known in the family to be the family event and party planner. She loves to celebrate people and make them feel special, and loves any excuse to get everyone together to make fun memories. She has thrown some memorable anniversary parties, birthday parties, and other get-togethers. I look forward to the celebrations and parties that will be held for future children!

Julie will be a fun, loving, exceptional mom. I have seen this in how she reads to, plays with, talks to, and loves our family and friends’ children. Our nephews think she is the absolute best (and I do, too.)

A Message From Us Both

Ultimately, we want you to know that we will love a child unconditionally and will devote our lives to raising a happy, healthy, kindhearted person. We promise to create a strong foundation of faith, education, and experiences, and to provide children with all the love, comfort, and guidance we can.

We are open to whatever level of contact and openness you desire and feel comfortable with. You will always be an important part of the child’s life (and ours!) and we are committed to honoring our family’s relationship with you, however you envision that looking.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know us! We are sending you our love and praying for you, and wishing for peace for you in whatever decision you make.