Our Story

We met online in 2013 and went to a MN Wild game as a fun first date and have been together ever since. At our wedding, we had an adoption contribution fund set up. Adoption has always been in our heads and hearts.

Background Information

State Of Residence




Ryan is German and English; Kim is Norwegian, French, German, and Dutch


Both are in excellent physical and mental health.


Kim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Life Child Development.
Ryan has an Associate’s degree in Journalism


Kim works as a Manager of an Early Childhood Education program. She knew from an early age that she loved babies/children and wanted to make that her profession. When she was little she said that she either wanted to work at Dairy Queen or work with babies- she got one of her dream jobs. Ryan works as a route delivery driver and volunteers at the local bicycle park.



We have a dog named Lucy and two cats; Lulu and Piglet

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

1-2 children

Race Of Child

We are open to any race/ethnicity.

Plans For Work/Daycare

Both Kim and Ryan will still work. Kim will take three months off of work and Ryan will be taking a week off of work when the baby arrives. They will use trusted, licensed child care.

About Ryan & Kim (Written By Their Partner)

Kim is, by far, the kindest and most gentle person I have ever encountered. I knew almost instantly upon meeting her that she was just the person I could share my life with. Her glowing personality and unequaled work ethic are two things I admire the most about her. From the beginning, her goal to have a complete family, including children, has been at the forefront of our relationship and our ambitions together. I’ve always known that she will be an amazing mother and a fantastic example of a parent for me and others to look to. Kim always sees the best in people and in the world and we’re all better off knowing someone like her. I couldn’t fathom taking this journey with anyone else. She’s as close to perfect as a human being can get.

When I first met Ryan, I knew he was someone special. His witty, fun personality is what first grabbed my attention. I quickly learned, as humble as he is, that he is multi-talented in varied areas of life: athletic ability, his way with words and his intellect. Ryan is also level-headed and gives great advice, so I look to him when I need to make tough decisions. He has such a loving nature and soft heart. He is also hilarious! That was one thing that I loved about him from the beginning- he can always make me laugh. I know he will be an amazing dad and I’m looking forward to seeing him play with our child, reading stories with character voices (another one of his hidden gifts), and having meaningful talks with our child about the world.

A Message From Us Both

Our primary goals for the future are raising a healthy and well-balanced family and maintaining our relationships with family and friends. We are very excited to welcome a child into our family!

We want our child to become a healthy and happy adult. We will give unconditional love and support. We’ll teach him/her how to express his/her feelings and interact with others with kindness and compassion. We will encourage, discipline, teach healthy habits, expose our child to unique experiences, enjoy quality time with friends and family and give our child a good education and life balance.

Thank you for reading.
We’re very excited to be parents!