Evolve Infant Program

Adoptive Parent Requirements

EVOLVE does not have any specific requirements for families in this program.

Program Requirements

Families in this program are required to be open to children of either sex and full openness with birth parents. Families may state their preference for the race of the child, but if they are open to parenting a multiracial child, they must be prepared to parent the child’s full identity. Having a preference may result in a longer wait.

Children Available

  • Newborn female and male children
  • Children of all races and ethnicities
  • children exposed to substance use prenatally
  • Children with a family history of mental health diagnoses


  • Approved Adoption Study Report – 3-6 months
  • Travel (if applicable) – Around time of birth
  • Stay In State – Average 6 days
  • Entrance Into Family Pool Until Placement – Average 1 – 2 years

Traveling to State of Child’s Birth

If the birth parents and adoptive parents live in different states, the adoptive parents will travel to the state of the child’s birth. The stay will be 3 – 14 days (average is 6 days). Families usually stay in a hotel until they have received approval from EVOLVE to travel home with their child. Families usually have physical custody of their child during their entire stay.


Families need to finalize the adoption within a certain time frame (varies by state). Finalization may occur in the state where the adoptive parents reside or families may be required to return to the child’s state of birth to finalize.

Progress Reporting

For MN families, typically 1-3 visits and reports are required after returning home with your child. For WI families, visits and reports are required monthly until finalization (typically 6 visits and reports).

Dual Infant Program

Families in this program will be entered jointly into the EVOLVE Infant Program and Own Source. Participants already enrolled in one program may later enroll in the second program if space is available. At that time, only the difference in program fees will be charged.

How To Apply

Families will be required to complete an information session prior to applying to our adoption programs. The information session is the first step of the adoption process at EVOLVE Family Services. Within an information session you will learn more about and have an opportunity to ask questions about EVOLVE as a whole, EVOLVE’s adoption-specific programs, an overview of the adoption process, what you can expect during and throughout the process, expectations of adoptive parents, trends in adoption, etc. An application will only be accepted after a family has completed an information session.