EVOLVE Family Services provides a variety of services to youth, involved in the child welfare system. These services include Child-Specific Recruitment, Social Medical Histories and Successful Transitions to Adulthood for Youth. Descriptions of the programs are below.

Engaging with Youth to Find Permanent Homes

EVOLVE develops a trusting relationship through meaningful engagement and prioritizes their voice and preferences. Through this service, we dive deep into their history, explore previous and existing connections, work to identify and assess appropriate prospective adoptive families, engage in Lifebook work, prepare youth for permanency, and support them through the transition into their adoptive family’s home. If you have a youth, in need of recruitment services, please complete the Child-Specific Recruitment Referral Form.

Providing Holistic Care by Uncovering a Youth’s Story

A social medical history provides youth and adoptive families information about medical history, education, birth family, siblings, trauma history, etc. EVOLVE completes interviews with foster providers and birth families, as well as requests records to ultimately write and provide a comprehensive history for foster and adopted youth.

EVOLVE provides the following for youth aged 14-23:
  • Individual Case Management Services, development of an independent living plan, resource development, life skill development, and goal planning
  • Group Life Skills Development, 10-week group sessions focused on a variety of topics, including housing, finance, education, hygiene, healthy and supportive relationships, career development, transportation, etc.
  • Youth Leadership Councils, provide youth an opportunity to develop leadership skills and advocate for policy and practice changes surrounding issues that impact them.

General Eligibility Requirements (Eligibility will be confirmed, upon referral):

Eligible Youth for Individual Case Management Services:

  • Youth, who are 17 ¾ - 23 years old, who have been in out-of-home placement/foster care
  • No longer in placement

Eligible Youth for Group Life Skills Development

  • Youth aged 14-23 years old, who have been in out-of-home placement/foster care

Eligible Youth for Youth Leadership Council

  • Youth aged 14-23 years, who have been in out-of-home placement/foster care

If you have questions about eligibility or would like to learn more about STAY services, please contact STAY via email at STAY@evolveservices.org or text/call at 952.358.0477.

If you are a County Worker/Community Agency and are working with a youth in the above counties, please complete the EVOLVE STAY Referral Form.

If you are a Youth and would like to self-refer, please complete the EVOLVE STAY Referral Form. Youths can self-refer and do not need a County Worker/Community Agency Worker to submit a referral on their behalf.