Kinship Care

EVOLVE Family Services values keeping children connected to familiar settings and communities while in foster care. For this reason, EVOLVE values kinship care which prioritizes children being placed with relatives/kin, while efforts towards reunification are being made.

While in kinship care children may be placed with an aunt, grandparent, older sibling, cousin, or other extended family member. Additionally, close family friends or community members who have a significant relationship with the child can also be considered kinship caregivers. Keeping kids in care connected to relatives/kin is an essential way to maintain trust and a sense of normalcy

when they cannot be with their primary caregivers. Kinship care also prioritizes the child’s well-being and aims to mitigate the trauma they have experienced by maintaining their connections to their family, community, and cultural heritage.

At EVOLVE, we recognize the unique challenges kinship caregivers face and strive to provide comprehensive support throughout the licensing process. The licensing process for kinship caregivers is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and well-being of the child while in out of home. At EVOLVE, we guide prospective kinship caregivers through the licensing process, which includes paperwork, background checks*, a home safety check, training and a home study assessment to assess the skills and responsibilities needed to provide care.  If you would like to learn more or begin the process, please schedule an informational session.

*If you have questions regarding your background check such as previous criminal offenses, please contact us at the email or phone number below as this will not automatically disqualify you from applying for kinship care.

EVOLVE’s Kinship services are free for all prospective providers and supported through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services

Minnesota Kinship Navigation Tool


The Minnesota Kinship Navigation Tool is an effort between the Kinship Working Group, AspireMN. This free tool has frequently asked questions and answers, along with other information specific for kinship caregivers.

To schedule a consult and/or for additional information regarding relative/kin services, please contact us at or 651.439.2446. Or fill out the Relative Kin – Foster Care Application today.

If you are a County Worker hoping to make a referral for foster care/adoption licensing for a prospective relative/kin family for permanency planning purposes, please complete the Relative Referral Form