Kinship Care

EVOLVE understands the barriers and complexities that exist within the child welfare system. EVOLVE is here to assist relative/kin families in navigating the foster care/adoption process, with the goal of achieving permanency with their relative child/children. EVOLVE is available for consultation to assist relatives in determining the next steps.

Minnesota Kinship Navigation Tool


The Minnesota Kinship Navigation Tool is an effort between the Kinship Working Group, AspireMN. This free tool has frequently asked questions and answers, along with other information specific for kinship caregivers.

To schedule a consult and/or for additional information regarding relative/kin services, please contact us at or 651.439.2446. Or fill out the Relative Kin – Foster Care Application today.

If you are a County Worker hoping to make a referral for foster care/adoption licensing for a prospective relative/kin family for permanency planning purposes, please complete the Relative Referral Form