October 16-18, 2020, Virtual Camp.

Together we will explore our theme: "Tell me who I am - Unity in our Diversity"

Families who registered for the October Virtual Camp
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UMOJA MN is a culturally enriching camp for individuals and families who are raising African American kinship, adoptive, and foster care youth. This three-day camp is designed to give every member of your household an experience to bond with other families, engage in hands-on activities, and develop cultural competence and awareness of one’s own identity and view about difference.

UMOJA is a Swahili word that means “unity.” UMOJA MN unites families by providing culturally inclusive programming that acknowledges and celebrates African American heritage and identity.

Elements of UMOJA MN Camps:

  • Youth conferences that include networking, leadership skills, and mentorship opportunities
  • Parent empowerment workshops, seminars, and networking
  • African American heritage performances and lessons (i.e. dance, drumming)
  • Art and DIY workshops
  • Virtual classrooms with fun, hands-on learning activities for kids


Everyone: Parents, Kids, Volunteers, Educators, Vendors, and Presenters

  • Learn to embrace racial identities and cultural experiences
  • Become inspired, and “fired up” to learn more
  • Feel empowered


  • Able to respond better to their children’s needs
  • Able to advocate for a child’s personal, developmental, and education needs
  • Able to resolve cultural conflict
  • Find strengths


  • Be knowledgeable and proud of their heritage
  • Able to use their own voice and become a self-advocate
  • Inspired to become changemakers
  • Find strengths
Multi racial family photos with adoptive son big hug


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This project is funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.