EVOLVE offers free all options counseling for pregnant individuals and couples or who may have recently given birth. Call or text 651-323-0875 to explore all of your options.

At EVOLVE, our licensed staff approach each situation without bias and under complete confidentiality. If you live in Minnesota or western Wisconsin, an EVOLVE pregnancy counselor can meet with you at our office, your home, or another location of your choice.

EVOLVE will present you with information regarding all of your options and support you in your decision-making process. Besides the options listed below, EVOLVE can also refer you to medical providers and provide counseling after birth and/or placement of the child.

At EVOLVE, there is no pressure to choose adoption. If you decide parenting is best for you, your pregnancy counselor will help you make a parenting plan, connect you with community resources, parent support services, housing resources, health care, and medical and financial assistance. EVOLVE will also provide follow-up support and counseling after birth. Learn about resources.

If you decide adoption is the best option for you and your child, EVOLVE will assist you through every step of the process. Adoption planning services can include counseling on adoption-related issues, help in finding an adoptive family, developing a plan for openness and on-going contact, facilitating the legal paperwork and process, referrals to legal, medical, and therapeutic resources, and post-adoption support. Learn more about adoption.

If you decide that termination is the best choice for you, EVOLVE can provide a list of service providers. EVOLVE will provide follow-up counseling services regardless of your decision. Learn about resources.

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