Give Dollars

EVOLVE does so much for youth and families, but only receives revenue to cover very specific services. Without donations, we would be unable to provide many of the services we provide without a funding source. This includes: the efforts of helping families become licensed to provide foster care to youth in need, all of the support we provide to expecting parents, the support of tangible items to youth and families in the Child Welfare System, the support we provide to adoptees looking for answers about their adoption and birth parents, and much more. $0.78 or every dollar EVOLVE receives goes directly to the humans making our work possible – the foster parents providing stability to youth, or the staff at EVOLVE who are supporting youth and families during some of the worst times of their lives.

Ongoing Donations

One time gifts are always appreciated, and if able, ongoing donations help to bring stability all year long to our youth and families. We have a critical shortage of foster care homes for youth and giving a recurring donation of $25 each month might be the difference for a youth to receive the love and stability a permanent home provides.

Ready to Give?

See below to give dollars “One Time” or “Ongoing”. Your information is secure and not shared with anyone. If you are more comfortable filling out a paper form, please email us at If you cannot give dollars at this time, we are also in need of gifted items and gifted time.