Domestic Infant Adoption

Helping Children Find a Home

Individuals and families considering an infant adoption can do so through our Domestic Infant program. Through the years, the two agencies that came together to form EVOLVE have helped hundreds of Minnesota and Wisconsin individuals and families adopt newborns from all over the country.

Our Programs

Once you decide that the Domestic Infant program is right for you, you will need to decide what sub-program you are most interested in pursuing. Here are our four options:

EVOLVE Infant Program – Families interested (dependent upon space availability) in this program will be entered into our agency “Waiting Family Pool”. Those in the pool will be given assistance in creating a family profile, provided guidance and support by our staff throughout the process, and be promoted on our website and social media channels. Families in this program will be matched with expectant parents receiving services through our Pregnancy Services program. Learn more.

National Infant Program – Families in this program will be matched with expectant parents served by our collaborating agencies in other states. They will have access to assistance with a family profile, and ongoing support and guidance by our staff throughout the process. Learn more.

Dual Infant Program – Families in this program will be entered jointly into the EVOLVE Infant Program and the National Infant Program. Participants already enrolled in one program may later enroll in the second program if space is available. At that time, only the difference in program fees will be charged.

Own-Source Program – Families in this program will be matched with expectant parents through a child placing agency they have identified. We will provide the home study, post placement services and ongoing support throughout the process. Learn more.

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The Process

In order to adopt any child, you must first complete a home study. EVOLVE is licensed to provide an adoption home study to families here in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We are unable to work with potential adoptive families in other states at this time.

At or during the time that a home study is completed, an individual or family wanting to enter our Domestic Infant program must choose which program they are interested in. At this time, families will begin work that is related to their specific program (i.e. creating family profiles and discussing preferences with social workers).

Timelines for the matching and placement stages vary due to factors that the family is open to, such as: sex, race/ethnicity of the child, level of openness and ongoing contact with birth family, prenatal drug exposure and/or mental health diagnosis in the expectant parents, outreach options, the characteristics of the adoptive family, the fees the adoptive family is comfortable with, and the quality of the family profile. Generally, a family could anticipate waiting between 0 and 18 months for a match, although there is no guarantee of placement.

To learn more about our Domestic Infant Program, sign up for a General Orientation Information Session.

How To Apply

Families will be required to complete an information session prior to applying to our adoption programs. The information session is the first step of the adoption process at EVOLVE Family Services. Within an information session you will learn more about and have an opportunity to ask questions about EVOLVE as a whole, EVOLVE’s adoption specific programs, an overview of the adoption process, what you can expect during and throughout the process, expectations of adoptive parents, trends in adoption, etc.

An application can be submitted, after the completion of an information session. The application does contain important information regarding EVOLVE’s policies, fees, and processes; so reviewing the application prior to attending an informational session is recommended.