EVOLVE’s Social Medical History

Providing Holistic Care by Uncovering a Youth’s Story

EVOLVE contracts with Minnesota counties to complete a comprehensive social medical history. A social medical history provides youth and adoptive families information about the youth’s history. It can shed light on their birth family and extended family, siblings, medical history, placement history, education, history of trauma, and their journey to permanency.


EVOLVE completes interviews with foster providers and birth families, as well as requests various records, to ultimately write and provide a comprehensive history for foster and adopted youth. EVOLVE uses different interviewing skills to develop a thorough and thoughtful illustration of the youth’s experience. Youth can utilize a social medical history to help them navigate current questions or questions that arise later in life.


EVOLVE accepts referrals for individual youth and sibling groups.


EVOLVE aims to complete a social medical history within 30 business days. Please note, depending on the response times and conflicting schedules of outside parties, this may impact completion within 30 business days. EVOLVE will provide updates of progress.

If you are interested in making a referral, please click on this link and complete the referral form. An EVOLVE Programs Director will respond within 2 business days.