Own-Source Program

Why Choose EVOLVE?

  • Families work directly with one Social Worker from the beginning of the home study process through post placement of the child/children
  • We have established excellent working relationships with agencies all over the United States
  • We may have worked with the agency you have identified
  • Our home study fee includes Hague approved training that covers attachment, adjustment, racial/cultural, grief/loss, and other issues in adoption
  • We provide support during the child-finding phase and counseling at the time of match
  • We handle all of the coordinating with the child source agency
  • We offer ongoing periodic workshops and speakers of interest to adoptive families – without charge to current clients
  • We provide you with adoption finance coaching to assist you financially with adoption costs

Program Requirements

Each state, as well as the placing agency you have chosen to work with, has it’s own set of requirements for adoptive families. Families in this program are required to be open to children of either sex. If the placing agency allows, families can state their preference of the child, but if they are open to parenting a multiracial child, they must be prepared to parent the child’s full identity. Having a preference may result in a longer wait.

Progress Reporting

EVOLVE will comply with the post placement reporting requirements of the other agency and state. This may include multiple home visits and reports as needed.