Own-Source Program

Why Choose EVOLVE?

  • Families work directly with one Social Worker from the beginning of the home study process through post placement of the child/children
  • We have established excellent working relationships with agencies all over the United States
  • We may have worked with the agency you have identified
  • Our home study fee includes Hague approved training that covers attachment, adjustment, racial/cultural, grief/loss, and other issues in adoption
  • We provide support during the child-finding phase and counseling at the time of match
  • We handle all of the coordinating with the child source agency
  • We offer ongoing periodic workshops and speakers of interest to adoptive families – without charge to current clients
  • We provide you with adoption finance coaching to assist you financially with adoption costs

Program Requirements

Each state, as well as the placing agency you have chosen to work with, has it’s own set of requirements for adoptive families. Families in this program are required to be open to children of either sex. If the placing agency allows, families can state their preference of the child, but if they are open to parenting a multiracial child, they must be prepared to parent the child’s full identity. Having a preference may result in a longer wait.

Program Fees

This fee covers reviewing and processing of the application and telephone intake interview. 
*This non-refundable fee is due with the application.
Adoption Study (MN residents / WI residents)
This fee may include costs associated with the following services: adoption training and education, assistance with state mandated paperwork, background checks, file checks, home visit, meetings with Social Worker, adoption study report preparation and review, state, federal and international licensing, administrative services and overhead, counseling and support, and communications and publications. 
Reduced fees for the following situations:
·       $2,000 Minnesota families who have previously adopted through Crossroads/HOPE/EVOLVE.
·       $2,600 Wisconsin families who have previously adopted through Crossroads/HOPE/EVOLVE.
*This fee is due upon application approval.
*Due prior to beginning adoption study process. 50% of this fee is refundable if family discontinues process prior to third adoption study meeting with social worker. Once the third meeting has occurred this fee is non-refundable.
$3,000 (MN residents) / $3,600 (WI residents)
This fee is for families coming into the adoption study process who are doing their own outreach or who are working with an identified agency, facilitator, consultant or attorney who will provide child placement.  It includes coordination with the agency, facilitator, consultant or attorney and ICPC, if applicable.
*This non-refundable fee is due when your adoption study is complete.
Post Placement *
This fee includes up to three home visits with a Social Worker after placement, establishing a permanent child file, filing the report to court, assistance with filing or finalizing the adoption, as well as assistance with adjustment and attachment after the placement.  It also covers tracking and processing of the required reports for each state/agency.
Additional fees that may apply:
·                    $  200 PER ADDITIONAL CHILD – In the case of more than one child being placed in the adoptive home at the same time, this one-time fee for each additional child will be assessed.  
·                    $  350 PER ADDITIONAL REPORT – This fee will be assessed for each additional visit and/or report beyond the three covered in the post placement/post adoption fee.  Wisconsin requires monthly post placement visits until the adoption is finalized.
*These fees are due at time of placement.
Total Fees
Current fees will be charged at the time of service.
Fees are estimates only and are subject to change.
$7,300 – $7,900


The following is a list of miscellaneous fees that may or may not apply to your process.

Out of Metro Fee  This fee is only applicable to clients living more than 75 miles (one way) from the EVOLVE office closest to your home.  Clients who live more than 150 round trip miles will incur a flat fee for each home visit,  as follows: Area 1: 151 to 200 round trip miles = $125.00 Area 2:  201 to 300 round trip miles = $180.00 Area 3:  301+ round trip miles = $250.00 The out of metro fee is required for each home visit during the adoption process.  This may include the initial adoption study visit, home visit to update the adoption study, if required, and post-placement home visit(s).  The mileage will be calculated based on Mapquest or similar routing calculator.      *This non-refundable fee is due prior to each home visit and is non-refundable after visit occurs.$           
Expedited Services  Special circumstances which require expedited adoption study service. Must be matched or have an identified child, with qualifying circumstances such as imminent birth/placement, health status of child, age of child that may impact adoptability, etc. Must be discussed with and approved by the Program Manager.  *This non-refundable fee is due with the application.$750
Adoption Study Update  – with visit  Adoption studies are valid for 12 months. A home visit is required annually as part of the adoption study update.  An adoption study must be updated annually until a child is placed in the client’s home and/or finalization has occurred in local court. This fee is also assessed when an in-person visit is required for a change of circumstance adoption study update (i.e. change of residence, program, addition of household members, new legal infractions such as arrest, child abuse, substance use or domestic violence, etc.). *This fee is due at the time of adoption study update and is non-refundable.$850
Adoption Study Update – without visitThis fee is assessed for clients in process who have experienced a change of circumstances that warrants an adoption study update (i.e. change of child characteristics and approval language, job change, for USCIS, etc.) for which an in-person visit is not required. *This fee is due at the time of adoption study update and is non-refundable.$550
Reactivation Fee – Adoption Study CompleteClients who discontinue their adoption process after completing an adoption study but before placement may choose to reactivate their adoption process within 12 month of file closing. This fee includes an adoption study update and administrative fees associated with reopening the file.  EVOLVE Program fees previously paid will be honored if reactivating within 12 months of file closing.  You will need to sign a new contract and understanding of current fees at time of reactivation. *This non-refundable fee is due at time of case reactivation.$850               
Reactivation Fee – Adoption Study NOT CompleteClients who discontinue their adoption prior to completing an adoption study must pay the adoption study fee that is in effect at the time of reactivation. You will need to sign a new contract and understanding of current fees at time of reactivation, however, the application fee will be waived if reapplying within 12 months of file closing. *This non-refundable fee is due at time of case reactivation.Refer to current adoption study fee
Bridge Care ServicesApplicable to domestic adoptions, if needed, Bridge Care is used prior to adoptive placement.  Includes administrative costs and care of the child.  Fee assessed per calendar day that a child is in Bridge Care.  *This non-refundable fee is due at time of adoptive placement when the birth parent has received services through our agency.$50 per day
Third Party ExpensesMay include, but are not limited, to the following: Birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates and records ($10-$200) Adam Walsh Background Clearances/Fingerprints ($120) per person Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, social service, police or other background checks ($5-$100) Retrieval of medical and psychological records ($25-$50) Physical exams (Additional evaluations may be needed if you have a history of medical/mental health issues) Local court filing fee to obtain US adoption decree and amended birth certificate ($400-$600) Wisconsin state adoption study/child referral review $75, and/or foreign adoption bond $100See list

Progress Reporting

EVOLVE will comply with the post placement reporting requirements of the other agency and state. This may include multiple home visits and reports as needed.