Our Story

We are choosing adoption because we want to experience parenting. Because we were in our mid-30’s when we got married, we discussed what we would do if we could not have children. Adoption was an option we would explore if we faced challenges having biological children. Well…we did have challenges conceiving biologically. After three unsuccessful intra-uterine insemination (IUI) treatments, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was the next step to biological conception. The physical invasiveness of IVF was high and the statistics of success were low. Because of this, we decided that adoption was the best option for us to become parents. Since starting our adoption journey, we are even more certain that this is the right option for us to grow our family; it aligns with our values and just feels right.

We met at the Summer Urban Arts Academy, a summer arts program in 2005 at the church we still belong to, Calvary Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis. We both worked at the program: Jeremy was a 2nd and 3rd-grade teacher and Sarah was a group leader, eventually providing 1:1 programming with one of the students. We connected in passing since we both worked half days: Jeremy worked mornings and Sarah, the afternoons. We dated on and off throughout our 20’s, reconnected in our 30’s, and had a strong relationship for six years before we got married in 2018. We laugh about and recognize that we both needed time to mature before settling down, which was a healthy decision!

Background Information

State Of Residence




Jeremy is African American and Norwegian. Sarah is of Luxembourgian/German descent.


Jeremy is in good health overall. He works an active job and also plays sports to keep himself in shape. Sarah is in excellent health.



Jeremy is in Delivery Logistics and Fitness. Sarah is in Government and Public Heath/Social Work.


Jeremy and Sarah are ELCA Lutheran/Christian.


Jeremy and Sarah have a 7 ½-year-old yellow lab. His name is Monte.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children

Race Of Child

All races: Multi-racial, Black, Latin, Native American, African, Asian, White.

Plans For Work/Daycare

About Sarah and Jeremy (Written By Their Partner)

Sarah is 1 in a million, she is the most caring and loving person I know. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a driven person who is always looking for a new project to dive into. She is a big dreamer and I love that about her, she has an optimistic personality and sees the best in everyone. I love that she is a kid at heart and finds ways to “just have fun” no matter the situation she is in. She is a great listener, and is always there for anyone in her life if they just need someone to talk to. She loves getting out of the house and just being with people, trying new things, and just being social in general. She will talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere (which is not my specialty). Sarah is going to be an amazing Mother and I can’t wait to continue this journey with her.

Jeremy is smart, loving, intuitive, funny, sarcastic, consistent, and grounded. He balances me out well and I learn so much from him every day. Jeremy always brings me down to reality, as I have a tendency to be idealistic and dreamy. Jeremy gravitates toward staying at home, whereas, I gravitate toward getting out of the house. He has perfected a healthy balance between staying busy and relaxing, which is great modeling for me. Jeremy speaks from the heart and is intuitive to the needs of others. Jeremy will be a great father and I am so honored to parent and grow our family with him.

A Message From Us Both

Thank you for reading our story. We promise to love and embrace the child with a healthy balance of structure and flexibility, boundaries, encourage exploration of their natural interests and talents, be curious about the world around them, and support them in being their authentic self. We look forward to getting to know you and to co-create a level of openness that considers and honors your needs and the needs of the baby.

We recognize that your decision is not easy and made with intention and love. We will be here, grounded and strong, and walk alongside you in this journey together. We are praying for you and sending love your way.