Creative and Affordable Ideas for Soon-To-Be Moms


Parenting is a unique, miraculous journey, and it’s also an expensive one.  In fact, some statistics indicate the hospital stay alone can cost thousands of dollars, plus you have to outfit your nursery, invest in baby gear, and pay for your personal comforts, classes, and so forth.  It’s enough to make new moms anxious about how to make it all work.  Read on for some creative ideas that stretch your budget and have you well-prepared, so you can focus on more important things, like making memories with your little one. 

Clever carryall tips
Soon you’ll be toting essentials everywhere you go, and you’ll want a practical carryall to keep you organized and on the go.  With that in mind, explore reviews to find a diaper bag that suits your preferences and fits your budget. There is a wide variety out there – everything from totes to backpacks, and materials range from fun, classic canvas to luxurious leather.  Some have even incorporated changing pads into the design. Make sure you have compartments to control all your goodies and at least one space that’s waterproof.  Start shopping early so you can catch your ideal bag on sale!

Speaking of bags, you’ll want to make sure you prep your hospital bag well in advance of your due date. Ideally, you should pack items that will keep you comfortable during and after labor. Think cozy, soft pajamas, a functional delivery gown, comfy undies, nursing pads, socks, hand lotion, lip balm and chargers for your phone or tablet.

Stretch your wardrobe
By nature of the beast, much of the clothing you wear during maternity will have a limited time frame of usefulness in your closet.  With that in mind, it makes sense to avoid overspending on outfits you won’t wear more than a handful of times.  Look for pieces you can interchange easily, based on colors and styles.  Yoga pants are a terrific, versatile basic you can dress up or down, and they stretch comfortably while your body changes.  Add longer tops that drape or wrap, and look for an empire waistline to flatter and fit throughout the coming months. 

To make the most of every dollar, Thrifty Guardian suggests dipping into your friends’ maternity clothes whenever possible, hitting the clearance section of retail stores, and looking for gently used maternity wear through thrift shops and online.   

Furnishings for the future
Outfitting your baby’s room can add up quickly, but with a few strategic investments, you can save substantially in the long run.  For instance, a convertible crib will grow with your baby, and rather than investing in a changing table now and a dresser later, you can simply convert a dresser into a changing table.  That way, you’ll be covered when your little one outgrows diapers. 

Just like it makes sense to invest in furniture your baby can enjoy for years, it also makes sense to select decor that is suitable both now and in the future.  Think about versatile color schemes, like shades of teal and pale blues, greys and golden yellows, or clean, crisp navy and white.  You can add age-appropriate whimsy through easily changed accents, rather than having to revamp the room time and again. 

After Baby Arrives
Once you’re home from the hospital, you want to have easy access to everything you could need, particularly if you’ll be spending most of your time in one room. Prep an area with diapers, wipes, ointment, and items like hand sanitizer and small towels. You also want to think ahead about how to care for yourself. If your friends offer, take them up on meal trains to get you through the first few weeks. It’s also wise to switch to grocery delivery services if you haven’t yet, or even meal delivery services so you have less to think about. Energy will also be in short supply, so stock up on coffee as well as vitamins or supplements to replace missing nutrients. Finding out you’re pregnant can bring on waves of emotions – excitement, fear, joy, affection, and anxiety, just to name a few.  You’ll feel well-prepared with a thoughtfully stocked carryall, some versatile wardrobe staples, and a nursery set up for now and the future.  Thanks to your clever choices, you have the confidence to focus on the happy feelings and moments your bundle of joy brings.

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