Hague and Why It Matters!

hague convention

Last year, HOPE successfully renewed its Hague accreditation for the next three years.

What is Hague and why does it matter?

In March of 1994, The United States signed an international treaty created by The Hague Convention. This treaty was created to ensure that inter-country adoptions are in the best interests of children and to prevent abduction, exploitation, sale, or trafficking of children. The Convention generally requires that agencies and persons be accredited or approved to provide adoption services for inter-country adoptions when both countries involved are parties to the Convention.

By being a Hague accredited agency, HOPE meets the standards of this treaty and pledges to work with international agencies who are also accredited by Hague. In the past, families looking to adopt a child from another country may not have known how their child entered the adoption process. Sadly, sometimes children were being sold or removed from households for the sake of financial gain.

Now, through our accreditation, HOPE commits to work with other Hague international agencies that place children transparently and ethically. As a family interested in adopting internationally, you can take comfort in knowing we focus on what’s best for you and your child!

For more info on the Hague accreditation process, click here.

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