How EVOLVE can help you with an unplanned pregnancy

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EVOLVE Family Services provides free pregnancy support services to expectant/birth mothers and fathers in Minnesota and western Wisconsin experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

We will explore all options for a pregnancy and support our clients in the option they choose. We support our client’s rights and provide nonjudgmental services that support parent’s choices. You are not in this alone; we’ll be there every step of the way.

Here are a few of the ways we will help:

1. Free counseling and support:

· Fully explore all of your options before making decisions.

· We can provide the personalized support that you would expect from a small, private agency, while offering the expertise and program variety of a larger organization.

· Our professional Pregnancy Counselors are licensed social workers and are here to answer your questions and guide you through your options with no pressure to choose adoption. We want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best decision for you and your child.

· Information regarding all options for your pregnancy and support during your decision-making process.

2. Non-Judgmental Support

· Receive unbiased, non-judgmental counseling at no cost to you.

· Make the decision you feel is right for you and your child without pressure or judgment.

· Our staff embrace and are passionate about working with individuals of any age, ethnicity, culture, or family structure. We have a global perspective that extends beyond the “typical” agency experience, breaking down any barriers towards family formation.

3. Parenting Support (if you choose to parent)

· Be treated like any other mother or father.

· Receive resources and materials to help you on your journey to becoming a parent.

· Referrals to parenting resources.

· Follow up support and counseling after the birth of the child.

4. Adoption Support (if you choose to make an adoption plan)

· State preferences about the kind of family you want for your baby.

· View adoptive family profiles and interview families until you find the family you’re comfortable with.

· Guidance through the open adoption process.

· Choose an adoptive family that is open to the same level of ongoing contact that you want including information sharing, letter and picture sharing, and having visits.

· Hold and feed your baby while in the hospital.

· Be treated like any other mother or father.

· Name your baby on the original birth certificate and have a copy of the birth certificate.

· Know what is happening to your baby (legal proceedings, Bridge Care, etc.).

· Meet the Bridge Care parents if desired and spend time with your baby if he/she is in Bridge Care.

· Follow up support and counseling after the placement of the child

· Referrals to therapeutic resources.

5. Connections to Community Resources

· Assistance finding an attorney, if desired.

· Connections to community and parent support services, including resources for housing, health care, therapeutic counseling, medical and financial assistance.

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