Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day

Monday, October 12th is Indigenous Peoples Day! A day dedicated to honoring the histories, cultures, contributions, and resilience of Indigenous peoples. Families are invited to participate in an activity that the Hennepin County Library shared, hosted by Victory Rally Toy Theatre and All My Relations Art. Art kits will be available at Franklin Library from 3 pm to 5 pm on Monday. These kits are to teach kids and youth how to make puppets and record a story, of their creation, with the theme of tackling racism.

“Aspiring puppeteers will learn how to make a tiny toy theater and paper style puppets. Ever wonder how to make your very own theater production? This activity will teach you basic puppet making skills and storytelling.

The theme of this play is based on the ongoing movement working to end the use of racist mascots. For as long as sports teams have existed in the United States, so has the tradition of racist and derogatory imagery of Indigenous people. Indigenous activists, artists, and many Indigenous communities from all of the nation have worked tirelessly to bring this tradition to an end.

Each Victory Rally art kit provides illustrations of youth who symbolically carry the torch to put an end to racism. The drawings are stylized in ledger art style with having no face. Some tribes use this design concept to honor the spirit of an individual by not including face details.

Guidelines: Create a storyline that shows a feeling of “victory”over racism. How might that look, sound, or feel? Note: this is not a chance to ‘’play Native,” unless you are Native. This is your chance to show how allies can help create change by caring and supporting a movement to end racism. Feel encouraged to create your own characters i.e. a monster mascot, yourself, or magical talking protest signs.”

Learn more on their website! HERE

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