National Children’s Day

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Originally posted – 6/11/2020

If you didn’t know, Sunday, June 13th is National Children’s Day. This day always falls on the second Sunday in the month of June.  National Children’s Day is a day to recognize all children in our lives. A great way to celebrate this day is to spend time with the children in your life and also appreciate this time you have to spend with them. One day may not be enough to truly appreciate these amazing children, however, it is a great start. You could always start with this day and then incorporate more days into the year to celebrate and appreciate your child.

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Ways to Celebrate:

Some ways to celebrate this day and to just show your child how important they are, are things like:

  • Give your child a meaningful letter or card
  • Make your child their favorite meal or let them choose the meals that day
  • Look through photo albums that are about their early childhood years with them
  • Attend or plan a community activity for children
  • You could donate used toys or clothes to a local children’s charity
  • Do something special together

This is a day that you can make your own. Be unique. Have fun. Just spend the day with your child and show them how special they are to you. This one day a year to set aside and show your love and appreciation for your child.

History of National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day dates back to 1856. This day was not always called National Children’s Day. It was originally called Rose Day. Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard started this day back in 1856. He created this date as a special day to baptize children in the community. Ever since then, there has been at least one day set aside to honor and celebrate our children.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton changed the name of this day and this day was then called National Children’s Day. He then set this day to be on October 8th. When George W Bush was president, he then declared that this day should be celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of June. However, it has since been changed that National Children’s Day should be celebrated on the second Sunday in June.

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Resources at EVOLVE

At EVOLVE Family Services, there are many different resources that are available to support children. One of EVOLE’s core values is being child-focused. Staff at EVOLVE are always thinking about the lifelong impact on children when making decisions. At EVOLVE, staff work hard to unite children with families that are going to love, value, and support them as they are. For more information regarding child-focused resources at EVOLVE Family Services, click HERE

This is a day that can be forgotten about because it is not well-publicized, however, it is an important day to celebrate. It is always good to show love, appreciation, and to celebrate your child, and this is a day set aside to specifically do so. Setting aside a whole day to honor your child can really show how much you value them. Take advantage of this day and do something fun as a family to show your child how much you appreciate them.

Author: Samantha Potocnik
Samantha is an intern at EVOLVE and a student at the University of Wisconsin River Falls.


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