Summer Fun Family Activities

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Summer Fun Family Activities… with quarantine in mind.
This time has proven to be challenging for many families as routines and “normal” have been flipped upside down. With having to figure out how to balance working/not working, helping with schoolwork, being a parent, a partner, and taking care of ourselves and finding ways to stay entertained and busy, it can be overwhelming. It is hard to think of new ways to “mix it up” or add variety to the routine when most days look and feel the same…staying home.

For some families, quarantine has created more space for spending time together as the fast-paced life that most of us lead has slowed significantly. Not as much time is spent commuting, traveling, running errands, etc. Many of us have asked ourselves:

What do I do with all this spare time?      

How can I keep my kids and family busy when we can’t do some of our favorite activities?     

 How can we have a fun summer when we are in the middle of a quarantine?

Here are some fun creative ideas you and your family can enjoy this summer during this unprecedented time.


  1. Create an “around the house” scavenger or treasure hunt
  2. Build a cardboard box fort
  3. Explore museums, art, theater, and culture at home – HERE
  4. Rent an E-book
  5. Visit your favorite animals via live cam at the San Diego Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, etc.
  6. Go virtual sightseeing
    -Take a virtual tour of parks like Yosemite or take a virtual tour of Ireland! – HERE
  7. Celebrities reading children’s books – HERE
  8. Listen to live concerts virtually – HERE
  9. Educational virtual activities – HERE
  10. Do a science experiment
  11. Cook a new recipe
    – Create your own cooking show and make a video making your favorite recipe to share with friends and family
    – Homemade pizzas are fun and allow for creativity
    – Make homemade ice cream
  12. Bake some yummy treats (cookies, muffins, etc.)
  13. Do a fun art project (painting, coloring, collages, make slime, etc.)
  14. Learn a new hobby; origami, jewelry making, etc.
  15. Have an indoor picnic
  16. Zoom/Facetime family gatherings/hang out
  17. Play virtual games (house party, etc.)
  18. Take a virtual ride on a roller coaster – HERE
  19. Pull out those board games or card games and have a family game night
    – At-home read-aloud bingo
    – Put together a puzzle
    – Create your own board game!
  20. Have a family movie night with treats and popcorn
  21. Have a spa day (paint nails, play around with makeup, etc).
  22. Join a Facebook Live dance party or workout
  23. Write a letter or draw a picture and send it to a family member or friend by snail mail. It will be a nice surprise!
  24. Make your own playdough – HERE
  25. Set up indoor hopscotch with painter’s tape
  26. Play dress-up
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Make a vlog on Youtube/Tiktok videos


  1. Surprise a friend or family member with a car parade. This is a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday at this time
  2. Go for a walk or bike ride in your neighborhood or check out a new spot to explore nature
  3. Have a campout in the grass or an outdoor space near home; get out the tent and sleeping bags, and roast marshmallows over the stove or a firepit
  4. Make your favorite picnic food or order from your favorite takeout place and set up a picnic in a grassy area or sidewalk near home
  5. Learn about the different animals or insects you see in your yard or in the neighborhood
  6. Do an outdoor project
    – Make a homemade bird feeder with peanut butter and birdseed
    – Grow a flower, vegetable, or herb garden (an herb garden can be grown inside too!)
  7. Create an outdoor obstacle course and race to see who can finish the course the fastest!
  8. Go fishing locally
  9. Idea rocks: Paint a fun activity idea on a rock and place in different locations that other families may pass to give them an idea of new things to try
  10. Have a water balloon fight or play water balloon baseball
    – Place the sprinkler under a trampoline or place water balloons on the trampoline to cool off
  11. Play shaving cream twister
  12. Fly a kite
  13. Blow bubbles
  14. Run through the sprinkler
  15. Set up a screen/projector and have an “outdoor movie night” or set up a tablet in the car and pretend you’re at the drive-in
  16. Setup a mini-golf course in a nearby grassy area or yard
  17. Decorate the driveway or sidewalk with chalk
  18. Make a sensory box filled – HERE
  19. Create a science experiment
  20. Play “tennis” with clean flyswatters and balloons
  21. Make bean bags and play games – HERE
  22. Paint with ice cubes – HERE
  23. Create salt fireworks and shaving cream fireworks prints for the 4th of July – HERE
  24. Stargaze from the room
  25. Make a playlist of new tunes for your summertime soundtrack
  26. Write and perform a play or skit. Film and share with family and friends on Tiktok
  27. Relax in a hammock

Article was written by:
Laura Abrass, MSW, LICSW
Mental Health Therapist
EVOLVE Family Services

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