“We Are A Family”


Thoughts from a HOPE family:

“I received word from Heidi (past social worker) that I was chosen to adopt the beautiful girl in the photo 3 years ago today.

I am not going to say that we have not hit our bumps in the road.  I can say with confidence that we can get around, over or under any obstacle in our path because we are a family.

Like all families we argue, we experience joy and sadness. Nicole is a blessing and I never tire of hearing her dreams or stories.

Nicole is 13, now, and navigating “tweenhood” well.  She is enjoying middle school activities and trying to figure out what she likes to do.  Nicole won 3rd place in the Middle School talent show. She sang “That wasn’t me” by Brandi Carlisle.  Listen to the song and you will hear why it resonates with her or any child in pain and trying to figure it out.

Thank you Hope, for making my dream come true and for allowing me the opportunity to parent this beautiful child!”

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