Our Story

We met in graduate school, where we were both studying to become physical therapists. We were partners in anatomy lab and found we shared a sense of humor and numerous interests. It probably helped that we spend most waking hours together. We dated for many years, and got married 5 years ago. We share common interests, and especially like to indulge our sweet tooth or coffee-fix together.

Background Information

State Of Residence




Amber is Czech, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish and German. Ryan is Irish, German and Native American.


Both are in excellent health.


Both are college educated with Clinical Doctorates.


Amber is a research Physical Therapist; Ryan is a Physical Therapist


Humanism/not religious


1 Dog.

Children In Family


Plans For Number Of Children


Race Of Child

Open to all support needs and cultural needs.

Plans For Work/Daycare

Amber will have 12 weeks off of work to stay with the child to transition them into our home; Ryan will then have 4 weeks at home. Following that we will both return to work and the adopted child will go to daycare with our son.

About Amber and Ryan (Written By Their Partner)

Ryan writing about Amber:

Amber has spent her whole adult life and career looking out for people with spinal cord injuries, or other neurological issues and really cares about helping people in tough situations to overcome their barriers, and to become more independent. Amber is our planner. She is always looking ahead and making sure we are ready for our next trip to see family, or our next vacation. She is always making sure that Calvin has a change of clothes or a snack, just in case. She is a provider and is always ready to give some comforting words, or a hug, or to just be there when someone needs a little extra help. She is a loving mother, she likes to be around our son as much as possible, and she really values family.

Amber writing about Ryan:

Ryan is the stabilizer in our house, his relaxed nature, humor and thoughtful approach to daily life provides the rest of us with perspective on daily problems. He also makes us laugh every day. He is passionate about taking care of himself and encourages me to do the same. I would call him an amazing father, and a ‘hands-on’ Dad. He was the favorite uncle too all the nieces and nephews we had. Overall, he keeps us relaxed and laughing.

A Message From Us Both

We understand if you are reading this, it is likely a difficult time. We want to send you our gratitude for considering us and taking the time to read about us. We promise to make space for any child entrusted to us to grow and explore, and to provide them with opportunities to pursue whatever interests they have. We commit to be our best selves in parenting any child and want to make sure we honor their culture, history and connection to their first family.
Sending you our best,

Ryan, Amber & Calvin.