Angela Reed & Turning Point Workshop

Turning Point

“Practical Tips to Raising Healthy African American Child: The African American Experience.”

Parenting is a hard job with many ups and down. As a parent, it is important to understand our children’s experiences in as many ways as possible. Understanding the impact of culture improves connectedness within the family.

This is an opportunity to explore and understand. This workshop will lay the foundation of knowledge, practices, and resources to support youth of color in Minnesota. This workshop is an intersection between family, cultural ethics and values. It will also address and assist with factors impacting children who come from a past of chaos or trauma-filled experiences.

In Ms. Reed’s workshops, her primary goals are to repair and enhance the self-esteem of children who doubt their self-worth. This workshop will set the foundation for your own personal reflection and lifelong planning.

About Angela Reed

Angela Reed is the Director of the Support Services & Training Divisions of Turning Point Inc., which has been serving the community with culturally specific services for 40 years. They offer chemical health, housing and support services, including training.

The organization understands the complex multi-layered challenges and obstacles that individuals from the African American and urban communities face daily. Turning Point believes services are best received when they are holistic and comprehensive. The culturally-specific, community-based agency has framed all its programs on known and accepted cultural practices, values and beliefs.

The Youth Development Platform is an in-house initiative that provides culturally specific services to teachers, students and parents/caregivers in the community.

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